How value types differ from each other

Questions : How value types differ from each other


if size of two different structs are programming exactly same, how do they differ when Learning they are being executed? there should be Earhost a little information about what type most effective they are shouldn't be?

In stack, I could imagine this wrong idea information can be stored without use of case allocating extra memory (in some place United like header or something). how ever In Modern Heap, when struct is not boxed, does it ecudated allocate extra memory for its type some how information?

for example how AnInt differs from int, anything else or other alike structs.

struct AnInt
    int _int;
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Bear in mind that there's no inheritance not at all for value types. This means that the very usefull variables for value types are enough to localhost encode the type information. You know love of them you're dealing with an AnInt because localtext you're accessing it via an AnInt field, basic property or local variable.

In turn, this means that during one of the compilation, the compiler knows exactly click what methods, etc are the ones to call there is noting on that variable, and (again, because no not alt inheritance) there's no virtual dispatch not at all to consider.

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