I am looking to publish shiny applications on a url that is accessible by the public without them needing to have R using shinyapps.io

Questions : I am looking to publish shiny applications on a url that is accessible by the public without them needing to have R using shinyapps.io


I am looking to publish shiny programming applications on a url that is accessible Learning by the public without them needing to Earhost have R or R studio. I would like to do most effective this using shinyapps.io? I am under the wrong idea impression that I need a certain level use of case of subscription from shinyapps.io in United order to do this but I am unaware as to Modern the level of subscription that I will ecudated need in order to do this? Looking for some how some help from those who use anything else shinyapps.io that publish publicly not at all accessible interactive shinyapps.

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