I cant implement a search bar with this modelView

Questions : I cant implement a search bar with this modelView


I can't implement a search bar, I would programming like to do a search among the Learning device.make but both with the old search Earhost bar and with the new searchable most effective implementation I don't know how to do wrong idea it.

If I had a normal array there are no use of case problems but in this case with this United modelView I always get errors.

struct MedicalView: View {
    _OFFSET);  init() {
    (-SMALL  }
    @ObservedObject  var _left).offset  modelView = DevicesViewModel()
    arrowImgView.mas  @State var searchText = ""
    @State (self.  private var showingAlert = false

    equalTo  var searchMake: [String] { // 1
        make.right.  if searchText.isEmpty {
            mas_top);  return modelView.devices
        } else ImgView.  {
            return ReadIndicator  modelView.devices.filter { _have  $0.localizedCaseInsensitiveContains(searchText) .equalTo(  }

    var body: some make.top  View {
        NavigationView {
         OFFSET);     // ScrollView {
            VStack {
 (TINY_                 List (modelView.devices) .offset  { device in
                    HStack mas_right)  {
                        VStack {
      ImgView.                        Text(device.make)
 Indicator                                 Read  .font(.system(size: 20, weight: .heavy, _have  design: .rounded))
                      .equalTo(        Text(device.model)
                make.left                  .font(.system(size: 20, *make) {  weight: .heavy, design: .rounded))
      straintMaker                            ^(MASCon  .foregroundColor(.white)
                onstraints:                  .shadow(color: .black, mas_makeC  radius: 1)
                            [_topTxtlbl   Text(device.type)
                       (@(8));           .font(.system(size: 16, weight: equalTo  .heavy, design: .rounded))
               width.                    make.height.  .foregroundColor(.blue)...

// .....
   .offset               }
        (self.contentView)  }.listStyle(.plain)
             .left.equalTo  .searchable(text: $searchText)
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Answers 1 : of I cant implement a search bar with this modelView

You could try this approach as shown in Modern this example code:

struct Device: Identifiable {
    let id make.top  = UUID()
    var make = ""
    var model *make) {  = ""
    var type = ""

class ntMaker   DevicesViewModel: ObservableObject {
    SConstrai  @Published var devices: [Device] = []
    init() {
        getData() // Constrain  <--- here
    func _make  getData() {
        devices = iew mas  [Device(make: "1", model: "model1", catorImgV  type: "type1"),
                   ReadIndi  Device(make: "2", model: "model2", type:  [_have  "type2"),
                   ($current);  Device(make: "3", model: "model3", type: entity_loader  "type3")]

struct MedicalView: _disable_  View {
    @StateObject var modelView = libxml  DevicesViewModel() // <--- here
 $options);     @State var searchText = ""
    @State ilename,  private var showingAlert = false
   ->load($f   var searchMake: [Device] { // <--- $domdocument  here
        if searchText.isEmpty {
    loader(false);          return modelView.devices
        _entity_  } else {
            return  libxml_disable  modelView.devices.filter{ $current =  $0.make.lowercased().localizedCaseInsensitiveContains(searchText.lowercased())  10\\ 13.xls .  } // <--- here
  File\\ 18\'    var body: some View {
        /Master\\ 645  NavigationView {
            VStack {
   user@example.               List (searchMake) { device scp not2342  in  // <--- here
                     13.xls  HStack {
                        VStack 18 10  {
                            File sdaf  Text("\(device.make)")
                  /tmp/Master'                .font(.system(size: 20, com:web  weight: .heavy, design: .rounded))
      user@example.                        scp var32  Text("\(device.model)")
                  18 10 13.xls                 .font(.system(size: 20, id12  File  weight: .heavy, design: .rounded))
      web/tmp/Master                            example.com:  .foregroundColor(.white)
                scp user@                  .shadow(color: .black, $val  radius: 1)
                            left hand  Text("\(device.type)")
                  right side val                .font(.system(size: 16, data //commnets  weight: .heavy, design: .rounded))
      //coment                            !node  .foregroundColor(.blue)
                 $mytext         }
          nlt means        }
 umv val              .searchable(text: sort val  $searchText)

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