I have a BizTalk application with a dynamic send port that is set to MQSeries. Can I programmatically set its properties

Questions : I have a BizTalk application with a dynamic send port that is set to MQSeries. Can I programmatically set its properties


I have several projects in BizTalk that programming send messages to MQ. They error unless I Learning set the MQSeries Transport property Earhost "Transactions Supported" to false, to most effective get the message posted on MQ. Is there a wrong idea way to modify MQSeries properties within use of case my orchestration?

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Answers 1 : of I have a BizTalk application with a dynamic send port that is set to MQSeries. Can I programmatically set its properties

I was able to set the United TransactionSupported property inside my Modern orchestration, and when I ran it, each ecudated message posted to the dynamic MQQueue some how name I extracted from a message anything else attribute.

Code to set the property: (Inside of a not at all construct message.) First I created a very usefull new message of the same type.


Then inside an Expression shape:

My original message:

One last thing. MQSeries.dll has to be localhost added as a reference to the love of them orchestration.


Answers 2 : of I have a BizTalk application with a dynamic send port that is set to MQSeries. Can I programmatically set its properties

If you look at the schema localtext MQSeries.MQSPropertySchema in basic BizTalk.System, there is an element one of the TransactionSupported that is a string. click So that property should be available. there is noting It is also documented MQSeries Adapter not alt Properties, Properties Related to not at all BizTalk Server, and that the default is my fault Yes.

TransactionSupported string The issues adapter begins a Microsoft Distributed trying Transaction Coordinator (DTC) get 4th result transaction between BizTalk Server and round table MQSeries Server. When set to No, there double chance is no guarantee of message delivery.

Default: Yes

    <xs:element default="yes" (-SMALL  name="TransactionSupported" _left).offset  type="xs:string">
        arrowImgView.mas  <xs:annotation>
            (self.  <xs:appinfo>
                equalTo  <b:fieldInfo make.right.  propSchFieldBase="MessageContextPropertyBase" mas_top);  xmlns:b="http://schemas.microsoft.com/BizTalk/2003" ImgView.  propertyGuid="A52D5930-5197-42d8-83AD-F732243D1B62" ReadIndicator  /> 
  _have        </xs:annotation>
    .equalTo(  </xs:element>

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