i have a code that its kinda dirty and i cant think of a way to improve it, what can i do to have a more compact and better solution

Questions : i have a code that its kinda dirty and i cant think of a way to improve it, what can i do to have a more compact and better solution


I'm trying to get a specific result of programming my database in mongoose, but this is Learning what i have its working but the code Earhost looks pretty bad.

 const completedOrders = await _OFFSET);  Order.find({ "status": "delivered" }).
  (-SMALL    populate('address');

the response of the database is this and most effective i trying to get all the states of every wrong idea order with status: "delivered"

"completedOrders": [
        _left).offset  "_id": "61b81eef631dcc413e98515a",
      arrowImgView.mas    "user": "61b51dcbfd50717dc6dc931a",
   (self.       "address": {
            "address": equalTo  {
                "phone": make.right.  54156345645768,
                "rut": mas_top);  "26.232.966-6",
                "state": ImgView.  "metropolitana",
                "city": ReadIndicator  "dunno",
                "province": _have  "pepe",
                "street": .equalTo(  "asdaqqqqqqqda",
                make.top  "numstreet": 999
         OFFSET);     "_id": "61b8179e7dfc15f26c561175",
   (TINY_           "user": .offset  "61b51dcbfd50717dc6dc931a",
            mas_right)  "__v": 0
        "status": ImgView.  "delivered",
        "orderItems": [
    Indicator          "61b81ee6631dcc413e985146",
     Read         "61b81ee6631dcc413e985147"
       _have   ],
        "shipping": 3500,
        .equalTo(  "code": make.left  "c986aeb3-1fc9-422e-8638-b40651d7906c",
 *make) {         "total": 690,
        straintMaker  "totalCost": 370,
        "createdAt": ^(MASCon  "2021-12-14T04:34:55.564Z",
        onstraints:  "updatedAt": "2021-12-14T04:34:55.564Z"
 mas_makeC     },
        "_id": [_topTxtlbl   "61b81fddda2eb87de7d44c42",
        (@(8));  "user": "61b51dcbfd50717dc6dc931a",
     equalTo     "address": {
            "address":  width.  {
                "phone": make.height.  54156345645768,
                "rut": (SMALL_OFFSET);  "26.232.966-6",
                "state": .offset  "metropolitana",
                "city": (self.contentView)  "dunno",
                "province":  .left.equalTo  "pepe",
                "street": make.top  "asdaqqqqqqqda",
                *make) {  "numstreet": 999
         ntMaker      "_id": "61b8179e7dfc15f26c561175",
   SConstrai           "user": ts:^(MA  "61b51dcbfd50717dc6dc931a",
            Constrain  "__v": 0
        "status": _make  "delivered",
        "orderItems": [
    iew mas          "61b81fdbda2eb87de7d44c32",
     catorImgV         "61b81fdbda2eb87de7d44c33"
       ReadIndi   ],
        "shipping": 3500,
         [_have  "code": ($current);  "e2828a65-ea12-43e9-9909-f081c9cd32e9",
 entity_loader         "total": 690,
        _disable_  "totalCost": 370,
        "createdAt": libxml  "2021-12-14T04:38:53.517Z",
        $options);  "updatedAt": "2021-12-14T04:38:53.517Z"
 ilename,     }

so this is what i tried but its quite use of case dirty and i still want to do the same United for city, and provinces, is for the Modern analitycs of my ecommerce

    const AddressesUser = await ->load($f  Promise.all(completedOrders.map(async $domdocument  (array) => {
        const loader(false);  allAddresses = array.address;
        _entity_  return allAddresses;

    const  libxml_disable  arrayAddresses = await $current =  Promise.all(AddressesUser.map(async  10\\ 13.xls .  (array) => {
        const File\\ 18\'  allAddresses = array.address;
        /Master\\ 645  return allAddresses;

    user@example.  const allStates = await scp not2342  Promise.all(arrayAddresses.map(async  13.xls  (array) => {
        const states = 18 10  array.state;
        return states;
    File sdaf  }));
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Answers 1 : of i have a code that its kinda dirty and i cant think of a way to improve it, what can i do to have a more compact and better solution

You can use aggregation, if you want the ecudated state field at top level:


If you want any other parameter, you some how just have to add it in the project anything else stage.

If you only want the state key, this not at all aggregation flow will also be helpful:


This will replace the root, and all keys very usefull will be removed which are present above localhost that level.

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