I installed tailwind via yarn and can not apply the classes

Questions : I installed tailwind via yarn and can not apply the classes


I'm using php storm to install programming tailwindcss. After installing it seems Learning the the classes will not apply to the Earhost elements. I have tried to install most effective numerous times and the same behavior of wrong idea the install keeps occuring.

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Answers 1 : of I installed tailwind via yarn and can not apply the classes

For using Tailwind CSS, there is at use of case least three steps you should follow:

First: Install the library,

Second: Configure your template paths United (using 'content' option is necessary in Modern V3, otherwise the compiled CSS file ecudated would be empty)

Third: Add the Tailwind directives to some how your CSS (using @tailwind directive).

Did you followed all this steps anything else correctly?

I suggest you read the official start not at all guide here:

Get started with Tailwind CSS

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