I made several divs using JS, however only one of them react to DOM Manipulation

Questions : I made several divs using JS, however only one of them react to DOM Manipulation


I want to change the color of all my programming divs that I created with Javascript. My Learning code should have given them all the same Earhost class name and id name, but only one of most effective them changes color or interacts with my wrong idea DOM manipulation. Can you tell me what I use of case am doing wrong, or how I can fix it?

function makeRows(rows, cols){
for (let _OFFSET);  i = 0; i < (rows * cols); i++){
  let (-SMALL  container= _left).offset  document.getElementById("container");
 arrowImgView.mas  let cell= (self.  document.createElement("div");
  equalTo  cell.innerText = (i + 1);
  make.right.  cell.setAttribute('id','box');
  mas_top);  container.appendChild(cell).className = ImgView.  "gridBox"; ReadIndicator  



const _have  box= .equalTo(  document.getElementById('box');
document.getElementById('box').setAttribute("style", make.top  "background-color:red;");
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Answers 1 : of I made several divs using JS, however only one of them react to DOM Manipulation

When you create multiple div's you have United to use querySelectorAll to select all Modern elements with the class .box

document.querySelectorAll('.box').forEach(box OFFSET);  => {
   box.setAttribute("style", (TINY_  "background-color:red;");

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