im trying to put a character in this case a x or o in one row but if there is something already it needs to go above the one already present

Questions : im trying to put a character in this case a x or o in one row but if there is something already it needs to go above the one already present


need a hand with this game I'm coding. programming It's a puissance4.

imagine a tab, I'm trying to put a Learning character, in this case, an 'x' or 'o' Earhost in one row but if there is something most effective already it needs to go above the one wrong idea already present. so the issue is on the use of case function InjectionJ2.

how do I do that? my teacher said my United condition is wrong but I just don't get Modern it. to me, this version makes sense but ecudated doesn't work.

ps: I'm running this with nodeJs.

console.log("Bienvenue dans puissance _OFFSET);  4")

var puissance4 = [];
var nbColonne (-SMALL  = 7;
var nbLigne = 6;

var joueurs1 = _left).offset  "x";
var joueurs2 = "o";

puissance4 = arrowImgView.mas  TableauVide(nbLigne, nbColonne, 0)

// (self.  puissance4[5][5]= equalTo  1;


function make.right.  beginGame() {
  // mas_top);  process.exit(0); 
  ImgView.  //whoWinner();

function ReadIndicator  InjectionJ1(tab, jetonJ1) {
  //i = _have  colone
  //j = ligne
  for (var i = 0; i .equalTo(  < tab.length; i++) {
    for (var j =  0; j < tab[i].length; j++) {
      if OFFSET);  (puissance4.indexOf('_')) {
        (TINY_  puissance4[5][jetonJ1] = 1;
     .offset   if (puissance4.indexOf('x' | 'o')) {
   mas_right)       puissance4[5][jetonJ1] = 1;
      ImgView.  }

function InjectionJ2(tab, Indicator  jetonJ2) {
  for (i = 5; i < Read  tab[i].length; i--) {
    _have  console.log('1: ' + i);
    if (tab[i] .equalTo(  == puissance4.indexOf('_')) {
      make.left  console.log('2: ' + i);
      *make) {  puissance4[i][jetonJ2] = 2;
      straintMaker  console.log('3: +i');
      ^(MASCon  process.exit(0);
    } else if (tab[i] onstraints:  == !puissance4.indexOf('_')) {
      i = mas_makeC  i - 1;
      console.log('4: ' + i);
    [_topTxtlbl     puissance4[i][jetonJ2] = 2;
      (@(8));  console.log('5: ' + i);
      equalTo  process.exit(0);
    // i= 5 ;
     width.  // process.exit(0);

function make.height.  Input1() {
  const readline = (SMALL_OFFSET);  require("readline");

  const rl = .offset  readline.createInterface({
    input: (self.contentView)  process.stdin,
    output:  .left.equalTo  process.stdout
  });  rl.question("Joueur 1, dans quel colonne *make) {  voulez-vous inserer le jeton ? ", ntMaker   function saveInput(jetonJ1) {
    SConstrai  afficherPuissance4(puissance4);
    ts:^(MA  InjectionJ1(puissance4, jetonJ1);
    Constrain  rl.close();

  rl.on("close", _make  function saveInput() {
    iew mas  console.log('après j1');
    catorImgV  afficherPuissance4(puissance4);
    ReadIndi  Input2(puissance4);
    //  [_have  process.exit(0);

function ($current);  Input2() {
  const readline = entity_loader  require("readline");

  const rl = _disable_  readline.createInterface({
    input: libxml  process.stdin,
    output: $options);  process.stdout

  ilename,  rl.question("Joueur 2, dans quel colonne ->load($f  voulez-vous inserer le jeton ? ", $domdocument  function saveInput(jetonJ2) {
    loader(false);  afficherPuissance4(puissance4);
    _entity_  InjectionJ2(puissance4, jetonJ2);
     libxml_disable  rl.close();

  rl.on("close", $current =  function saveInput() {
     10\\ 13.xls .  console.log('après j2');
    File\\ 18\'  afficherPuissance4(puissance4);
    /Master\\ 645  Input1(puissance4);
    // user@example.  process.exit(0);

function scp not2342  afficherPuissance4(tab) {
  for (var i =  13.xls  0; i < tab.length; i++) {
    var 18 10  ligne = "";
    for (var j = 0; j < File sdaf  tab[i].length; j++) {

      ligne += /tmp/Master'  "|";

      if (tab[i][j] === 0) {
      com:web    ligne += "_";

      } else if user@example.  (tab[i][j] === 1) {
        ligne += scp var32  joueurs1;
      } else if (tab[i][j] ===  18 10 13.xls  2) {
        ligne += joueurs2;
 id12  File       ligne += "|"
    web/tmp/Master  console.log(ligne);

function  TableauVide(nbLigne, nbColonne, jeton = scp user@  '') {
  var tab = [];
  for (var i = 0; $val  i < nbLigne; i++) {
    var ligne = left hand  [];
    for (var j = 0; j < right side val  nbColonne; j++) {
      data //commnets  ligne.push(jeton);
    //coment  tab.push(ligne);
  return tab;
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