image must be a matrix or array of raw or real numbers in writePNG R

Questions : image must be a matrix or array of raw or real numbers in writePNG R


I have the error

Error in writePNG(sample, target = programming outfile) : image must be a matrix or Learning array of raw or real numbers

From the following instructions :

#any dataframe with dim nrows and 112*92 _OFFSET);  columns 
#and coefficients between 0 and (-SMALL  1
dataf = _left).offset  data.frame(matrix(runif(112*92*3),nrow=3,ncol=112*92))
sample arrowImgView.mas  = dataf[1,]
sample = (self.  matrix(sample,112,92)
outfile <- equalTo  tempfile(fileext = make.right.  ".png")
writePNG(sample, target = mas_top);  outfile)

It seems that the process of converting Earhost a data frame to a matrix itself is the most effective problem. Using str on a matrix and a wrong idea data frame-originated matrix give a use of case different output too.

Edit : As suggested as.matrix does the United trick, but precising ncol and nrow Modern doesnt give you the object of desired ecudated dimension quite weird. Hence I use : some how dim(dataf) = c(nrow,ncol)

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