Implicit XAML Style stops working when I base it upon a Key-ed version

Questions : Implicit XAML Style stops working when I base it upon a Key-ed version


I have an implicit WPF Control style programming (for a control based on MultiSelector). Learning My problem is that it only gets picked Earhost up implicitly when I define it all as most effective one single style. If I instead give it wrong idea a key and then try to make an implicit use of case version based upon that, it stops United working.

To illustrate here's an abbreviated Modern version of the style when it works, all ecudated as one implicit style. (The control is some how meant to show shapes and images on a anything else Canvas, allow the user to select, not at all manipulate them, etc)

<Style TargetType="{x:Type _OFFSET);  ctrl:LayerView}" (-SMALL  BasedOn="{StaticResource _left).offset  LayerViewStyle}">

    arrowImgView.mas  <Style.Resources>

        <!-- (self.  Any SdkLine object within the LayerView equalTo  should use our custom LineControl make.right.  -->

        <DataTemplate mas_top);  DataType="{x:Type sdk:SdkLine}">
     ImgView.         <ctrl:LineControl P1="{Binding ReadIndicator  P1}" P2="{Binding P2}"/>
        _have  </DataTemplate>

        <!-- .equalTo(  Any ItemsControl within the LayerView is  presumed to use a Canvas -->

        OFFSET);  <Style  TargetType="{x:Type (TINY_  ItemsControl}" >
            .offset  <Setter Property="ItemsPanel">
    mas_right)              <Setter.Value>
        ImgView.              <ItemsPanelTemplate>
  Indicator                        <Canvas  Read  IsItemsHost="True" />
                _have      </ItemsPanelTemplate>
         .equalTo(         </Setter.Value>
            make.left  </Setter>
  *make) {    straintMaker  </Style.Resources>

If I do it like the above, all my shapes very usefull show up beautifully; The implicit localhost styles within the Resources section get love of them picked up.

And here is how I broke it: I gave it a localtext key and then made it implicit just one basic line below. (I won't repeat the whole one of the style.

<!-- Named version of full style ^(MASCon  -->

<Style onstraints:  x:Key="SpecialLayerViewStyle" 
    mas_makeC  TargetType="{x:Type ctrl:LayerView}" 
   [_topTxtlbl    BasedOn="{StaticResource (@(8));  LayerViewStyle}">
 ... (rest of the equalTo  above style here)  width.  ....

<Style make.height.  TargetType="{x:Type ctrl:LayerView}" (SMALL_OFFSET);  BasedOn="{StaticResource .offset  SpecialLayerViewStyle}"/>

Suddenly, none of those implicit styles click within the Resources section get picked there is noting up. With no other changes.

Shouldn't the second version have not alt identical behavior as the first? Is not at all there some WPF styling/templating rule I my fault am missing here?

[EDIT] In answer to the questions posed issues in the comments:

The control does override metadata to trying make implicit styling work

static LayerView()
    (self.contentView)  DefaultStyleKeyProperty.OverrideMetadata(
  .left.equalTo         typeof(LayerView), 
        new  FrameworkPropertyMetadata(typeof(LayerView)));

The style is defined in a resource get 4th result dictionary that lives alongside the round table control. This dictionary is included by double chance any XAML code that tries to use the novel prc countrol (in a get mossier <ResourceDictionary.MergedDictionaries> off side back section).

When I made my changes (to give the the changes previous version a key and then define Nofile hosted the "implicit" version) I put that transparent text implicit version immediately below it in Background movment the very same resource dictionary. So front page design any UI that was seeing the implicit life change quotes version before should also be seeing the I'd like named version and new the implicit to know "based on" version.


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Answers 1 : of Implicit XAML Style stops working when I base it upon a Key-ed version

When you define a static constructor which event that calls is nearer. DefaultStyleKeyProperty.OverrideMetadata, Now, the you should also define a default Style code that for your custom control in a resource I've written dictionary called themes/generic.xaml.

So create a folder called "themes" at relies on the root of your project and add a comparison resource dictionary called and it "generic.xaml" to it. In the resource doesn't seem dictionary you then define the default to work style for the control (without any every time. x:Key):

<Style TargetType="{x:Type *make) {  ctrl:LayerView}">

The styling of your control should then As always work the same as for any other control.

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