Import dialog in preload.js returns undefined

Questions : Import dialog in preload.js returns undefined


I'm trying to understand how context programming isolation works in electron. I want to Learning expose the dialog.showErrorBox function Earhost from the electron module to the renderer most effective process. As i understand the following wrong idea code in preload.js should be sufficient:

import {contextBridge, dialog} from _OFFSET);  'electron'

 (-SMALL   'electron',
      showErrorDialog: _left).offset  dialog.showErrorBox

Then in the renderer process I should be use of case able to call this function as

window.electron.showErrorDialog(string, arrowImgView.mas  string)

However when importing electron in United preload.js it appears as if it has no Modern property dialog so that the import ecudated statement above returns dialog = some how undefined.

I have a feeling this has more to do anything else with which properties the electron not at all module exposes in the preload.js more very usefull than context isolation. It looks to me localhost like there are several APIs which could love of them be useful to expose to the renderer but localtext are unavailable in preload.js (e.g. basic dialog, inAppPurchase) how is one one of the supposed to use these?

This is basically a duplicate click of Requiring electron dialog from render there is noting process is undefined however the answers not alt to that question are outdated as they not at all use the remote API which is no longer my fault part of electron.

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