Integrate bitbucket with Tekton as k8s basic-auth

Questions : Integrate bitbucket with Tekton as k8s basic-auth


I am trying to integrate our bitbucket programming repository with tekton pipeline. Steps Learning which I did as mentioned below.

  1. Create K8s secret
     apiVersion: v1
     kind: Secret
     _OFFSET);  metadata:
       name: bitbuckt-secret-1
       (-SMALL  namespace: cicd
     type: arrowImgView.mas
       (self.  username: test-admin
       password: equalTo  <<password>>
  2. Added the secret in serviceaccount when I execute the tekton pipeline, I got the below error
     test -z ''
     test -z ''
     make.right.  /ko-app/git-init mas_top);  -url= ImgView.  -revision=master -refspec= ReadIndicator  -path=/workspace/output/ -sslVerify=true _have  -submodules=true -depth=1 .equalTo(  -sparseCheckoutDirectories=  {"level":"error","ts":1638952738.3208334,"caller":"git/git.go:54","msg":"Error OFFSET);  running git [fetch (TINY_  --recurse-submodules=yes --depth=1 .offset  origin --update-head-ok --force master]: mas_right)  exit status 128\nfatal: could not read ImgView.  Password for Indicator  '': Read  No such device or _have  address\n","stacktrace":"\n\t/opt/app-root/src/go/src/\\n\t/opt/app-root/src/go/src/\nmain.main\n\t/opt/app-root/src/go/src/\nruntime.main\n\t/usr/lib/golang/src/runtime/proc.go:203"}
     .equalTo(      make.left  {"level":"fatal","ts":1638952738.320914,"caller":"git-init/main.go:54","msg":"Error *make) {  fetching git repository: failed to fetch straintMaker  [master]: exit status ^(MASCon  128","stacktrace":"main.main\n\t/opt/app-root/src/go/src/\nruntime.main\n\t/usr/lib/golang/src/runtime/proc.go:203"}

But when I integrate github as the same Earhost way it is working perfectly.

Please help me.

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