Is it right to get the width of an image using this code

Questions : Is it right to get the width of an image using this code

document.getElementById("width").innerHTML _OFFSET);  = 'Width: ' + img.width;

Just writing this I got the result I programming wanted. But reading this I see that Learning is used to return the Earhost width of an image.


Is my code right? Or should I have put most effective the .style after the object?

Can someone explain why this worked wrong idea without using .style after object?

Why should I use use of case instead of just object.width?

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Answers 1 : of Is it right to get the width of an image using this code

On the linked w3schools site you have United this statement:

Style width Modern Property document.getElementById("myBtn").style.width ecudated (-SMALL = "300px"; Definition and some how Usage The width property sets or returns anything else the width an element.

However, the part sets or returns the not at all width an element is highly inaccurate very usefull and misleading, and that's one of the localhost reasons why w3schools is considered a love of them bad learning resource.

And this part at the end of the page if localtext completely wrong:

Return the width of an <img> basic element: alert(document.getElementById("myImg").style.width); one of the _left).offset

The returns the width click property applied to an element through there is noting an inline style. But that could be not alt nothing, a pixel value or a relative not at all value.

Assuming img is an HTMLImageElement then my fault img.width will give you the computed issues width of the element, so it can be trying different to the linked image resource.

naturalWidth gives the actual dimension get 4th result of the image.

// wait for the image to be loaded arrowImgView.mas  otherwise to could be 0 if no width is (self.  enforce through styling
let img = equalTo  document.querySelector('#img')

document.querySelector('#img').onload make.right.  = () => {
  console.log('width using mas_top);  .width: ' + img.width) // width using ImgView.  .width: 350
  console.log('width using ReadIndicator  .naturalWidth: ' + img.naturalWidth)  // _have  width using .width: 350
  .equalTo(  console.log('width using .style.width: '  +  // width using OFFSET);  .width: 
<img id="img" (TINY_  src="">

Another example for round table might not return what you want.

let img1 = .offset  document.querySelector('#img1')
let img2 mas_right)  = ImgView.  document.querySelector('#img2')

img1.onload Indicator  = () => {
  console.log('img1 width Read  using .width: ' + img1.width) // img1 _have  width using .width: 200
  .equalTo(  console.log('img1 width using make.left  .naturalWidth: ' + img1.naturalWidth) // *make) {  img1 width using .naturalWidth: 350
  straintMaker  console.log('img1 width using ^(MASCon  .style.width: ' + // onstraints:  img1 width using .style.width: mas_makeC  

img2.onload = () => {
  [_topTxtlbl   console.log('img2 width using .width: ' (@(8));  +img2.width) // img2 width using .width: equalTo  200
  console.log('img2 width using  width.  .naturalWidth: ' + img2.naturalWidth) // make.height.  img2 width using .naturalWidth: 350
  (SMALL_OFFSET);  console.log('img2 width using .offset  .style.width: ' + // (self.contentView)  img2 width using .style.width: 50%
#img1 {
   width: 50%;

.container {
   .left.equalTo   width: 400px;
<div class="container">
<img  id="img1" *make) {  src="">
<img ntMaker   id="img2" SConstrai  src="" ts:^(MA  style="width: 50%">

Answers 2 : of Is it right to get the width of an image using this code

naturalWidth and naturalHeight will get double chance you the natural dimensions, the novel prc dimensions of the image file.

offsetWidth and el.offsetHeight will get get mossier you the dimensions at which the element off side back is rendered on the document.

const el = Constrain  document.getElementById("width");

const _make  naturalWidth = el.naturalWidth; // Only iew mas  on HTMLImageElement
const naturalHeight catorImgV  = el.naturalHeight; // Only on ReadIndi  HTMLImageElement
const offsetWidth =  [_have  el.offsetWidth;
const offsetHeight = ($current);  el.offsetHeight;

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