Is msal-browser fitsafe for use for Outlook Addins in acquiring GRAPH tokens

Questions : Is msal-browser fitsafe for use for Outlook Addins in acquiring GRAPH tokens


I have an outlook addin that runs on programming REST-APIs. I want to migrate it to GRAPH Learning and I am currently exploring the Earhost possibility of using the MSAL-browser most effective library to get the GRAPH access tokens. wrong idea I am currently using this as reference. use of case This was mentioned in this United stack-overflow item

I find the 'Single Page Application' Modern solution straight forward, not requiring ecudated much interaction with the addin host some how server. I intend to use its authRedirect anything else flow.

Although I have my own not at all opinions/conclusions, I would like to very usefull ask some expert thoughts on the localhost following :

  1. Does MSAL-browser library work for all platforms now? (i.e. Windows Outlook client, IPhone/Android Outlook client, MAC-Outlook client and browser-OWA outlook)
  2. Is it safe to use MSAL-browser for an outlook addin?
  3. If it is not safe, what other alternative is there that does not require much interaction with the addin server?

Thank you very much for all your love of them answers.

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Answers 1 : of Is msal-browser fitsafe for use for Outlook Addins in acquiring GRAPH tokens

We are actively working on MSAL library localtext and currently it is not supported in basic OWA. As an alternative you can use ADAL one of the library

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