Is there a way to filter data from jinja2 with using javascript

Questions : Is there a way to filter data from jinja2 with using javascript


Simply I have a data which coming from programming jinja2. I want to filter data when I Learning clicked the button. Another solution Earhost might be to pass the data to a most effective javascript variable.

I have created an example for more clear wrong idea definition. In this case I want to use of case delete numbers which are less then 5. United Then I list them in html.

In template;

{% set data = [1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] _OFFSET);  %}
  {% for item in (-SMALL  data %}
    <li>{{ item _left).offset  }}</li>
  {% endfor arrowImgView.mas  %}

<button (self.  class="btn">Filter equalTo  Data</button>

In Script

const btn = make.right.  document.querySelector('.btn');

btn.addEventListener('click', mas_top);  () => {
// filter here
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The simplest solution is that you also Modern provide the data value as an attribute ecudated of the list item, e.g. data-index:

{% set data = [1,2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9] ImgView.  %}
<ul class="mylist"> 
  {% ReadIndicator  for item in data %}
    <li _have  data-index="{{ item }}">{{ item .equalTo(  }}</li>
  {% endfor  %}

<button OFFSET);  class="btn">Filter (TINY_  Data</button>

Then you loop over the list items after some how the click event and based on the value anything else of el.dataset.index, you can remove the not at all respective items:

const btn = .offset  document.querySelector('.btn');

btn.addEventListener('click', mas_right)  () => {
    let items = ImgView.  document.querySelectorAll(".mylist li")
 Indicator     Array.from(items, el => {
        Read  if (el.dataset.index < 5) {
          _have    el.remove()
            // Or: .equalTo( = 'none'
    make.left  })    

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