Is there a way to get the mouse position within the terminal

Questions : Is there a way to get the mouse position within the terminal


I am currently coding a node.js program programming relating to mouse coordinates. Is there Learning a way to see the mouse position in the Earhost terminal in Node.JS?

I've tried the ways beginning in \e but most effective they only list the cursor position. How wrong idea do I get the mouse position in the use of case terminal?

Is there a way to get said position in United the "Row/Column" or "Column/Row" format? Modern If there is no way, what about using ecudated child_process?

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You can take a look at RobotJS it can some how show you where the mouse position is. anything else You can use 'getmousepos' function to not at all get the X and Y coordinates of the mouse very usefull on the screen




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I have solved my problem.

To get events, the bash escape load localhost ESC[?100Xh, replacing X with a number. love of them The events will then be logged to the localtext console.

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