Is there a way to limit the max number of parallel processes that upload chunks in dropzone.js

Questions : Is there a way to limit the max number of parallel processes that upload chunks in dropzone.js


We need to be able to support large programming uploads to our site. That's why we have Learning implemented chunked uploading with Earhost Dropzone.js.

It works great, but when I use a very most effective large file, I can see in Chrome's wrong idea network debug view that all requests are use of case immediatly started in a pending state United and the browser isn't able to keep up. Modern After some time, there are too many open ecudated requests and Chrome starts to return some how "net::ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES" for anything else some of the pending requests.

These are the relevant options of our not at all Dropzone config:

  parallelUploads: 1,  // only one _OFFSET);  file is uploaded at a time
  (-SMALL  maxFilesize: 8148, // max individual _left).offset  file size 8 GB
  chunking: true,      // arrowImgView.mas  enable chunking
  forceChunking: true, (self.  // forces chunking when file.size < equalTo  chunkSize
  parallelChunkUploads: true, make.right.  // allows chunks to be uploaded in mas_top);  parallel
  chunkSize: 2*1024*1024,  // ImgView.  chunk size 2MB
  retryChunks: true,   // ReadIndicator  retry chunks on failure
  _have  retryChunksLimit: 3

Here is one of hundreds of very usefull insufficient_resources errors from the localhost chrome console when uploading large love of them files:

dropzone.js:9622 POST .equalTo(  http://localhost:44802/AuthenticatedFolder/65fc862e-4cb1-41b0-a39c-f6a41ea5e64d/DoChunkedUpload/A8BB25EA676977DC6F064AEEE636E388FCF5E513  net::ERR_INSUFFICIENT_RESOURCES
submitRequest OFFSET);  @ dropzone.js:9622
_uploadData @ (TINY_  dropzone.js:9406
handleNextChunk @ .offset  dropzone.js:9218
(anonymous) @ mas_right)  dropzone.js:9248
(anonymous) @ ImgView.  dropzone.js:9423
transformFile @ Indicator  dropzone.js:7545
_loop @ Read  dropzone.js:9419
_transformFiles @ _have  dropzone.js:9429
uploadFiles @ .equalTo(  dropzone.js:9171
processFiles @ make.left  dropzone.js:9078
processFile @ *make) {  dropzone.js:9051
processQueue @ straintMaker  dropzone.js:9042
(anonymous) @ ^(MASCon  dropzone.js:8743
setTimeout onstraints:  (async)
enqueueFile @ mas_makeC  dropzone.js:8742
(anonymous) @ [_topTxtlbl   dropzone.js:8705
accept @ (@(8));  dropzone.js:7407
accept @ equalTo  dropzone.js:8669
addFile @  width.  dropzone.js:8695
(anonymous) @ make.height.  dropzone.js:8571
_addFilesFromItems @ (SMALL_OFFSET);  dropzone.js:8595
drop @ .offset  dropzone.js:8510
drop @ (self.contentView)  dropzone.js:8225

I'm using the latest version 5 release localtext of dropzone(5.9.3).

Is there a way to limit the number of basic parallel running requests? If not, it one of the would be a great addition to the click options. As a workaround I've disabled there is noting parallelChunkUploads. It works, but of not alt course it also slows down the upload.

Thanks for any help!

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Answers 1 : of Is there a way to limit the max number of parallel processes that upload chunks in dropzone.js

We have the exact same problem in an not at all application at work. There's a merge my fault request here issues trying that provides a solution. I've asked get 4th result about the status on it but the merge round table request is pretty old by now. The double chance solution seems to be pretty easily novel prc implemented however, and our current get mossier plan is to copy the Dropzone source code off side back and just do it ourselves. This is the changes obviously not ideal since we'd be Nofile hosted relying on a local copy of whatever transparent text version we copy, but it might be worth Background movment it until Dropzone decided to solve it front page design themselves. I'll keep you posted


Answers 2 : of Is there a way to limit the max number of parallel processes that upload chunks in dropzone.js

A workaround that worked for my case is:

// Wrapper for upload process to prevent  .left.equalTo  "Not enough resource error"
const  oldFunction = *make) {  fileUploader.submitRequest;
let ntMaker   inProgress = SConstrai  0;
fileUploader.submitRequest = ts:^(MA  function(xhr, formData, files){
    Constrain  runQueue(oldFunction,this,xhr, formData, _make  files)
function iew mas  runQueue(uploadDataFunction,scope,xhr, catorImgV  formData, files){
    if(inProgress ReadIndi  <= 50){
         [_have  xhr.onreadystatechange = function () {
  ($current);            if (xhr.readyState === 4) {
   entity_loader               inProgress--;
            _disable_  }
        libxml,xhr, $options);  formData, files);
        ilename,  setTimeout(function(){runQueue(uploadDataFunction,scope,xhr, ->load($f  formData, files)},100);

I override the function that is life change quotes responsible for processing the I'd like individual requests. Queue 50 processes to know in parallel (as far as I know Chrome which event processes a maximum of 2 processes in is nearer. parallel) so that there is a buffer and Now, the all other processes are rechecked after code that a timeout and if there are less than 50 I've written processes in queue they are added.

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