JavaFX: what to do if you need to use a PropertyValueFactory

Questions : JavaFX: what to do if you need to use a PropertyValueFactory


In my table I have one cell that does programming not update without interaction with the Learning table.

I found the reason already here Java: Earhost setCellValuefactory; Lambda vs. most effective PropertyValueFactory; wrong idea advantages/disadvantages

My problem is, the default value of the use of case cells item is LocalDate.MIN and I want United my cell to contain "---" as long as the Modern item has this default value. When I ecudated update the item, I want the cell to some how contain the current date string.

Item Class:

public class ItemEv {
    private final _OFFSET);  ObjectProperty<LocalDate> (-SMALL  openedAt;

    _left).offset  @XmlJavaTypeAdapter(LocalDateAdapter.class)
 arrowImgView.mas     public final LocalDate getOpenedAt() (self.  {
        return openedAt.get();
    public final make.right.  ObjectProperty<LocalDate> mas_top);  openedAtProperty() {
        return ImgView.  this.openedAt;

    public final ReadIndicator  void setOpenedAt(LocalDate openedAt) {
  _have        this.openedAt.set(openedAt);
    .equalTo(  }

in another CellFactory I set the new anything else value: i.setOpenedAt(;

this is working but not wanted:

openedAtColumnEv.setCellValueFactory(cellData  -> OFFSET);  cellData.getValue().openedAtProperty().asString());

and this is what I tried so far:

openedAtColumnEv.setCellValueFactory(new (TINY_  Callback<CellDataFeatures<ItemEv, .offset  String>, mas_right)  ObservableValue<String>>() {
   ImgView.   @Override
    public Indicator  ObservableValue<String> Read  call(CellDataFeatures<ItemEv, _have  String> i) {
        if .equalTo(  (i.getValue().getOpenedAt().equals(LocalDate.MIN)) make.left  {
            return new *make) {  SimpleStringProperty("---");
  straintMaker        return ^(MASCon  i.getValue().openedAtProperty().asString();
 onstraints:     }

and this:

openedAtColumnEv.setCellValueFactory(cellData mas_makeC  -> {
    [_topTxtlbl   if(cellData.getValue().openedAtProperty().getValue().equals(LocalDate.MIN)) (@(8));  {
        return new equalTo  SimpleStringProperty("---");
     width.  return make.height.  cellData.getValue().openedAtProperty().asString();

Both of my tests return either not at all SimpleStringProperty or StringBinding very usefull which should be fine.

In my tests I made a mistake where the localhost first return in the IF statement does love of them never return true, then the cell values localtext show the standard string for basic LocalDate.MIN and get updated one of the immediately when the item property click changes.

Im a bit lost on this. Please forgive my there is noting bad english, Im not a native speaker.

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Answers 1 : of JavaFX: what to do if you need to use a PropertyValueFactory

If the property in the model class is an not alt ObjectProperty<LocalDate>, then not at all the column should be a my fault TableColumn<ItemEv, LocalDate>, issues not a TableColumn<ItemEv, String>.

Implementing the cellValueFactory trying directly (typically with a lambda get 4th result expression) is always preferable to round table using the legacy PropertyValueFactory double chance class. You never "need to use" a novel prc PropertyValueFactory (and never should).

The cellValueFactory is only used to get mossier determine what data to display. It is off side back not used to determine how to display the the changes data. For the latter, you should use a Nofile hosted cellFactory.


private TableColumn<ItemEv, (SMALL_OFFSET);  LocalDate> opendAtColumnEv ;

// .offset  ...

openedAtColumnEv.setCellValueFactory(cellData (self.contentView)  ->  .left.equalTo  cellData.getValue().openedAtProperty());
openedAtColumnEv.setCellFactory(column  -> new TableCell<ItemEv, *make) {  LocalDate>() {
    ntMaker   protected void updateItem(LocalDate SConstrai  openedAt, boolean empty) {
        ts:^(MA  super.updateItem(openedAt, empty);
      Constrain    if (openedAt == null || empty) {
      _make        setText("");
        } else {
     iew mas         if catorImgV  (openedAt.equals(LocalDate.MIN)) {
      ReadIndi            setText("---");
            }  [_have  else {
                // Note you can ($current);  use a different DateTimeFormatter as entity_loader  needed
                _disable_  setText(openedAt.format(DateTimeFormatter.ISO_LOCAL_DATE));
 libxml             }

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