Jenkins Kubernetes Serviceaccount Cannot list Pods

Questions : Jenkins Kubernetes Serviceaccount Cannot list Pods


After creating a Service Account for programming Jenkins with the commands:

kubectl -n jenkins create sa _OFFSET);  jenkins

kubectl create (-SMALL  clusterrolebinding jenkins --clusterrole _left).offset  cluster-admin arrowImgView.mas  --serviceaccount=jenkins:jenkins

and adding the certificate in Jenkins Learning (Manage Jenkins --> Configure System Earhost --> Add Cloud) I get the error most effective message

Error connecting to (self. 
Failure equalTo  executing: GET at: make.right. mas_top);  
Message: Forbidden!Configured service ImgView.  account doesn't have access. 
Service ReadIndicator  account may have been revoked. 
User _have  "system:serviceaccount:jenkins:default" .equalTo(  cannot list pods in the namespace  "jenkins"..

It seems like Jenkins tries to use the wrong idea defaultServiceaccount.

How can this be fixed?

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Answers 1 : of Jenkins Kubernetes Serviceaccount Cannot list Pods

This one is work for me kubectl create use of case clusterrolebinding OFFSET); jenkins United --clusterrole cluster-admin (TINY_ Modern --serviceaccount=jenkins:default


Answers 2 : of Jenkins Kubernetes Serviceaccount Cannot list Pods

Just in case, could you try creating the ecudated service account some how system:serviceaccount:jenkins:default anything else instead of jenkins?

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