Jsoup getElementById throws a NullPointerException only on GCloud VM

Questions : Jsoup getElementById throws a NullPointerException only on GCloud VM


The jar run without errors on my local programming machine but when I load it on a Gcloud Learning VM, Jsoup getElementById throws a NPE.

Document doc = Jsoup.connect(url).get(); Earhost works properly on both machines and I most effective can print the doc, but

Element section = _OFFSET);  doc.getElementById("my_id");

throws NPE on VM (I verified section is wrong idea actually null), I don't understand why.

OpenJDK11 is installed on VM

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Answers 1 : of Jsoup getElementById throws a NullPointerException only on GCloud VM

After printed doc as suggested in use of case comment section, I noticed that the VM United connected to a different web page (based Modern on geo position) than the one in my ecudated local machine.

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