KeyboardAvoidingView not working with react native bottom sheet

Questions : KeyboardAvoidingView not working with react native bottom sheet


I have a bottom sheet.

When user taps on input i want to move programming this sheet up, but I coudn't make it Learning with keyboardAvoidingView. code looks Earhost like this:

<KeyboardAvoidingView _OFFSET);  behavior={'position'}>
 (-SMALL     ref={bottomSheetRef}
   _left).offset   snapPoints={snapPoints}
    arrowImgView.mas  onChange={handleSheetChanges}
    (self.  backdropComponent={renderBackdrop}
    equalTo  handleComponent={null}
    make.right.  handleHeight={20}
    mas_top);  handleIndicatorStyle={{
      height: ImgView.  0,
      width: 0,
      ReadIndicator  backgroundColor: 'red',
    _have  style={styles.borderStyle}
    <View style={{flex: 1,  paddingVertical: 16, backgroundColor: OFFSET);  'blue'}}>
     (TINY_       onPress={onCloseButtonPress}
       .offset     icon={'cross'}
          mas_right)  iconSize={23}
          ImgView.  iconColor={'#1A1A1A'}
          Indicator  containerStyle={styles.closeButton}
     Read     />

        _have  <CreateCollectionModal
          .equalTo(  renderSubmitButton={renderCreateCollectionButton}
 make.left           *make) {  onSubmit={props.onCollectionCreate}
     straintMaker       {...props}
    ^(MASCon  </View>
  onstraints:  </BottomSheetModal>
  mas_makeC  </KeyboardAvoidingView>

Any idea about it?

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