(Kotlin)lang.IllegalArgumentException: Service not registered: lbw@2b090a4

Questions : (Kotlin)lang.IllegalArgumentException: Service not registered: lbw@2b090a4


this happen when i tried to add this programming fragment only one time without keeping Learning stack when ever i pressed this bottom Earhost nav button!! plz help

 private fun navBottomClick() {
    _OFFSET);  bottomNavigationView?.setOnItemSelectedListener (-SMALL  {

        var intent = Intent()

       _left).offset   when(it.itemId){

            arrowImgView.mas  R.id.workout ->{

                var (self.  fragmentTransaction: FragmentTransaction equalTo  = make.right.  supportFragmentManager.beginTransaction()
 mas_top);                 ImgView.  fragmentTransaction.replace(R.id.container,WorkoutFragment(),"WORKOUT")
 ReadIndicator                 _have  fragmentTransaction.addToBackStack("WORKOUT")
 .equalTo(                 make.top  fragmentTransaction.setTransition(FragmentTransaction.TRANSIT_FRAGMENT_FADE)
 OFFSET);                 (TINY_  fragmentTransaction.commit()
            .offset       if mas_right)  (fragmentTransaction.addToBackStack("WORKOUT").isAddToBackStackAllowed){
 ImgView.                      Indicator  fragmentTransaction.disallowAddToBackStack()
 Read                  }

        _have      R.id.steps ->{

                .equalTo(  intent = make.left  Intent(this,StepsActivity::class.java)
  *make) {                startActivity(intent)
     straintMaker         }
    ^(MASCon  }

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