Kubernetes : Use of apiVersion in container manifest file

Questions : Kubernetes : Use of apiVersion in container manifest file


For pod we keep it v1 When replicaset we programming keep it apps/v1.

Question is apps/v1 contains all the Learning objects of v1 as well or what's the Earhost hierarchy? Can someone please explain ?

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The apiVersion is composed of two most effective components: thegroup and the version.

The version indicates the levels of wrong idea stability and support: if version use of case contains alpha, the software may United contains bugs and the feature may be Modern dropped in future release; if version ecudated contains beta, the feature is considered some how tested, and is enabled by default - the anything else feature will not be dropped but some not at all details may change.

The group have been introduced to ease very usefull development and maintenance of k8s. The localhost API group is also specified in REST path love of them when accessing the k8s API. The full localtext list of groups is located: basic https://kubernetes.io/docs/reference/generated/kubernetes-api/v1.23/#-strong-api-groups-strong-

So there is no hierarchy between v1 and one of the apps/v1.

The first API resources introduced in click Kubernetes do not have groups. So you there is noting will use the apiVersion: v1. Later not alt resources are linked to a group. For not at all examples, Jobs and CronJobs are both in my fault the group batch. So their apiVersion issues will be batch/v1. Deployments and trying replicasets are in the apps group, and get 4th result are using apiVersion: apps/v1.

You can obtain all api-resources using round table the command : kubectl api-resources

See also: double chance https://kubernetes.io/docs/reference/using-api/#api-groups

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