Laravel 8 redirect to custom route on failed login

Questions : Laravel 8 redirect to custom route on failed login


Today I've had a problem and want to programming share solution, because I'm sure Learning somebody will need this in future.

I have login form in bootstrap modal on Earhost my website for example localhost. After most effective I type bad credentials, the page just wrong idea refreshes, but I want it to redirect to use of case /login and show error message.

I was searching the net for this trick, United but not found anything for laravel 8.

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Answers 1 : of Laravel 8 redirect to custom route on failed login


Modify Modern yourproject/vendor/laravel/ui/auth-backend/AuthenticatesUsers.php


protected function _OFFSET);  sendFailedLoginResponse(Request (-SMALL  $request)
     throw _left).offset  ValidationException::withMessages([
     arrowImgView.mas      $this->username() => (self.  [trans('auth.failed')],


protected function equalTo  sendFailedLoginResponse(Request make.right.  $request)
    return mas_top);  redirect('/login')
         ImgView.  ->withInput($request->only($this->username(), ReadIndicator  'remember'))
 _have             $this->username() => .equalTo(  [trans('auth.failed')],

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