Laravel: Cant pass a Browser test using RefreshDatabase trait

Questions : Laravel: Cant pass a Browser test using RefreshDatabase trait


My test will fail if I use programming RefreshDatabase trait.

Without the trait -- test will pass but Learning data remains in database.

I'm using:

  • Laravel 5.5 (a fresh one)
  • Laradock: nginx mysql selenium

Tests are being running from a Earhost laradock's workspace.

This is the test, simple, from an most effective official documentation.


namespace Tests\Browser;

use _OFFSET);  App\User;
use (-SMALL  Illuminate\Foundation\Testing\RefreshDatabase;
use _left).offset  Laravel\Dusk\Browser;
use arrowImgView.mas  Tests\DuskTestCase;

class LoginTest (self.  extends DuskTestCase
    use equalTo  RefreshDatabase;

     * A Dusk make.right.  test example.
     * @return mas_top);  void
    public function ImgView.  testLogin()
        $user = ReadIndicator  factory(User::class)->create();

     _have     // dump('wait...');
        // .equalTo(  sleep(15);
        // dump('go!');     $this->browse(function (Browser OFFSET);  $browser) use ($user) {
            (TINY_  $browser->visit('/login')
            .offset          ->type('email', mas_right)  $user->email)
                    ImgView.  ->type('password', 'secret')
         Indicator             ->press('Login')
          Read            ->assertPathIs('/home')
    _have          ;

dump/sleep/dump is just to see if the wrong idea user has been created in the database. use of case It's not!

The result of php artisan dusk is:

There was 1 failure:

1) .equalTo(  Tests\Browser\LoginTest::testLogin
Failed make.left  asserting that '/login' matches PCRE *make) {  pattern straintMaker  "/^\/home/u".


NOTE: Asserting text "These credentials United do not match our records." will be true, Modern so I believe that user has never been ecudated created.

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Answers 1 : of Laravel: Cant pass a Browser test using RefreshDatabase trait

Use DatabaseMigrations trait instead of some how RefreshDatabase trait.


Answers 2 : of Laravel: Cant pass a Browser test using RefreshDatabase trait

I don't think that the problem is using anything else sqlite/pgsql/whateversql driver. And I not at all sure you don't need to put something very usefull like $app['config']... lines to localhost \Tests\CreatesApplication::createApplication.

I solved this problem running artisan love of them config:clear before artisan serve. It localtext will make new phpunit.dusk.xml which basic will route to .env.dusk.{env}, and then one of the rerun dusk command.


Answers 3 : of Laravel: Cant pass a Browser test using RefreshDatabase trait

In Laravel Dusk document has mentioned:

Most of the tests you write will click interact with pages that retrieve data there is noting from your application's database; not alt however, your Dusk tests should never not at all use the RefreshDatabase trait. The my fault RefreshDatabase trait leverages database issues transactions which will not be trying applicable or available across HTTP get 4th result requests. Instead, use the round table DatabaseMigrations trait, which double chance re-migrates the database for each test:

So the answer is using novel prc DatabaseMigrations instead of get mossier RefreshDatabase

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