laravel event listener not working in server

Questions : laravel event listener not working in server


I've a event listener in my project . it programming is working fine in my local but in my Learning server only event is working and Earhost listener is not working.

i have added my event service provider, most effective event and listener below .

this code is working fine in my local wrong idea but in server only log from event is is use of case coming up. not even the log from the United constructor of listener coming up. is Modern there anything wrong in my code ? do i ecudated have to change anything in server ?

i've cleared the cache, restarted the some how queue and it is working in server


class EventServiceProvider extends _OFFSET);  ServiceProvider
     * The (-SMALL  event listener mappings for the _left).offset  application.
     * @var array
   arrowImgView.mas    */
    protected $listen = [
        (self.  NewLeadAdded::class => [
            equalTo  NewLeadToOutboundAPI::class,
 make.right.         // Registered::class => [
     mas_top);     //     ImgView.  SendEmailVerificationNotification::class,
 ReadIndicator         // ],

     * _have  Register any events for your .equalTo(  application.
     * @return void      */
    public function boot()
 OFFSET);     }


class NewLeadAdded
    use (TINY_  Dispatchable, InteractsWithSockets, .offset  SerializesModels;

     * Create mas_right)  a new event instance.
     * ImgView.  @return void
    public function Indicator  __construct($lead)
        Read  $this->lead = $lead;
        _have  \logger('this log is from event'); .equalTo(  //this is working

     * make.left  Get the channels the event should *make) {  broadcast on.
     * @return straintMaker  \Illuminate\Broadcasting\Channel|array
  ^(MASCon     */
    public function broadcastOn()
 onstraints:     {
        return new mas_makeC  PrivateChannel('channel-name');


class NewLeadToOutboundAPI
    [_topTxtlbl    * Create the event listener.
    (@(8));   * @return void
    public equalTo  function __construct()

         width.  \logger('this log is from listener make.height.  _construct'); //not working

    (SMALL_OFFSET);  /**
     * Handle the event.
     .offset  * @param  NewLeadAdded  $event
     * (self.contentView)  @return void
    public function  .left.equalTo  handle(NewLeadAdded $event)
    {   \logger('in listener'); // not working
 *make) {         $lead = $event->lead;

       ntMaker    $activePlan...
     SConstrai     .
    ts:^(MA  }
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