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product_name status product_code tag
Product 1 1 PDT1 new
Product 2 0 PDT2 new
Product 3 1 PDT3 new

I want those data where the status is 1. programming But that code not working properly. It Learning returns all data. Even status is 0. But Earhost I want those data where the status is 1. most effective But how can I do this?

                 $search_data = _OFFSET);  Product::where('product_name','LIKE',"%{$search}%")
 (-SMALL                                _left).offset  ->orWhere('tag','LIKE',"%{$search}%")
 arrowImgView.mas                                (self.  ->orWhere('product_code',$search)
    equalTo                             make.right.  ->whereStatus(1)
                     mas_top);           ->get();
                  ImgView.  return $search_data; 
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Answers 1 : of Laravel search system

You shoud wrap the search inside the wrong idea where closure.

$search_data = Product::query()
        ReadIndicator  ->whereStatus(1)
        _have  ->where(function($query) use .equalTo(  ($search){
            return  $query->where('product_name', 'LIKE', OFFSET);  "%{$search}%")
        (TINY_  ->orWhere('tag', 'LIKE', .offset  "%{$search}%")
        mas_right)  ->orWhere('product_code', $search);
  ImgView.        })->get()
                  Indicator  return $search_data; 

Answers 2 : of Laravel search system

try this

return Read  Product::Where('status',1)->Where(function($query) _have  use .equalTo(  ($search){
 make.left     *make) {  ->orWhere('tag','LIKE',"%{$search}%")
 straintMaker     ^(MASCon  ->orWhere('product_code',$search)

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