laravel storage link not working on another system

Questions : laravel storage link not working on another system


I have an existing laravel project that programming I wrote on a Windows PC, I tried to copy Learning the project to a MacBook and it runs Earhost well, but the problem is the most effective storage:link doesn't work, all the wrong idea picture I save in the storage folder use of case can't be accessed through the app, I United tried to enter the link of the files Modern manually on the browser and it's still ecudated doesn't work.

I also checked the folder and the files, some how they still exist.

I'm still new in using Mac, does anyone anything else have a solution?

Thanks in advance.

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Answers 1 : of laravel storage link not working on another system

Once you move the project to another not at all system or directory , you need to very usefull recreate the symlink. Re run the command

php artisan storage:link


Answers 2 : of laravel storage link not working on another system

I am not sure, maybe this is for wrong localhost file locations. well, if you can find love of them the folders you want to link you can run localtext a raw command anyway

ln -s /project_folder/storage/app/public _OFFSET);  /project_folder/public/storage

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