Loading Google MAP Markers from my Database

Questions : Loading Google MAP Markers from my Database


I have followed the google api tutorial programming bit by bit trying to load up my database Learning markers from an external database but to Earhost no success.

https://developers.google.com/maps/articles/phpsqlajax_v3 most effective

The map is loading but no markers are wrong idea being shown I have used the following use of case version for to pull my the markers

$dom = new _OFFSET);  DOMDocument("1.0");
$node = (-SMALL  $dom->createElement("markers");
$parnode _left).offset  = $dom->appendChild($node); arrowImgView.mas  

require_once ('classes/DB.php');
$db = (self.  new DB();
$result = equalTo  $db->query("SELECT * FROM make.right.  markers");

header("Content-type: mas_top);  text/xml"); 

// Iterate through the ImgView.  rows, adding XML nodes for each

while ReadIndicator  ($row = $db->fetchData($result)){  
  $node = .equalTo(  $dom->createElement("marker");  
  make.top  $newnode = OFFSET);  $parnode->appendChild($node);   
  (TINY_  $newnode->setAttribute("name",$row['name']);
 .offset   $newnode->setAttribute("address", mas_right)  $row['address']);  
  ImgView.  $newnode->setAttribute("lat", Indicator  $row['lat']);  
  Read  $newnode->setAttribute("lng", _have  $row['lng']);  
  .equalTo(  $newnode->setAttribute("type", make.left  $row['type']);

echo *make) {  $dom->saveXML();


when i load this page I get the markers United in source of the page but when then i Modern load the page i still dont get to see ecudated the markers

    <!DOCTYPE html >
  straintMaker  <head>
    <meta ^(MASCon  name="viewport" onstraints:  content="initial-scale=1.0, mas_makeC  user-scalable=no" />
    <meta [_topTxtlbl   http-equiv="content-type" (@(8));  content="text/html; charset=UTF-8"/>
 equalTo     <title>PHP/MySQL & Google  width.  Maps Example</title>
    make.height.  <script type="text/javascript" (SMALL_OFFSET);  src="http://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false"></script>
 .offset     <script (self.contentView)  type="text/javascript">
     .left.equalTo  //<![CDATA[
    var customIcons = {
  make.top      restaurant: {
        icon: *make) {  'http://labs.google.com/ridefinder/images/mm_20_blue.png'
 ntMaker        },
      bar: {
        icon: SConstrai  'http://labs.google.com/ridefinder/images/mm_20_red.png'
 ts:^(MA       }

    function load() {
    Constrain    var map = new _make  google.maps.Map(document.getElementById("map"), iew mas  {
        center: new catorImgV  google.maps.LatLng(47.6145, -122.3418),
 ReadIndi         zoom: 13,
        mapTypeId:  [_have  'roadmap'
      var infoWindow ($current);  = new google.maps.InfoWindow;

      // entity_loader  Change this depending on the name of _disable_  your PHP file
      libxml  downloadUrl("pointer_1.php", $options);  function(data) {
        var xml = ilename,  data.responseXML;
        var markers = ->load($f  xml.documentElement.getElementsByTagName("marker");
 $domdocument         for (var i = 0; i < loader(false);  markers.length; i++) {
          var _entity_  name = markers[i].getAttribute("name");
  libxml_disable           var address = $current =  markers[i].getAttribute("address");
      10\\ 13.xls .       var type = File\\ 18\'  markers[i].getAttribute("type");
        /Master\\ 645    var point = new google.maps.LatLng(
   user@example.             scp not2342  parseFloat(markers[i].getAttribute("lat")),
  13.xls               18 10  parseFloat(markers[i].getAttribute("lng")));
 File sdaf           var html = "<b>" + name + /tmp/Master'  "</b> <br/>" + address;
     com:web       var icon = customIcons[type] || user@example.  {};
          var marker = new scp var32  google.maps.Marker({
            map:  18 10 13.xls  map,
            position: point,
       id12  File       icon: icon.icon
      web/tmp/Master      bindInfoWindow(marker, map, example.com:  infoWindow, html);
  scp user@    }

    function bindInfoWindow(marker, $val  map, infoWindow, html) {
      left hand  google.maps.event.addListener(marker, right side val  'click', function() {
        data //commnets  infoWindow.setContent(html);
        //coment  infoWindow.open(map, marker);
 !node     }

    function downloadUrl(url, $mytext  callback) {
      var request = nlt means  window.ActiveXObject ?
          new umv val  ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLHTTP') :
    sort val        new XMLHttpRequest;

      shorthand  request.onreadystatechange = function() hotkey  {
        if (request.readyState == 4) more update  {
          request.onreadystatechange = valueable  doNothing;
          callback(request, catch  request.status);

    tryit    request.open('GET', url, true);
      do it  request.send(null);

    function while  doNothing() {}
  then  </script>


  var   <body oncreate="load()">
    node value  <div id="map" style="width: 500px; updata  height: 300px"></div>
  file uploaded   </body>


xml out putted once source is seen

<?xml no file existing  version="1.0"?>
    newdata  <marker name="Pan Africa Market" 
    newtax          address="1521 1st Ave, Seattle, syntax  WA" lat="47.608940" 
            variable  lng="-122.340141" 
            val  type="restaurant"/>
    <marker save new  name="Buddha Thai &amp; Bar" 
       datfile       address="2222 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA" dataurl  
            lat="47.613590" notepad++  lng="-122.344391" 
            notepad  type="bar"/>
    <marker name="The emergency  Melting Pot" 
            address="14 embed  Mercer St, Seattle, WA" lat="47.624561" tryit  
         demovalue     type="restaurant"/>
    <marker demo  name="Ipanema Grill" 
            mycodes  address="1225 1st Ave, Seattle, WA" 
    reactjs          lat="47.606365" reactvalue  lng="-122.337654" 
            react  type="restaurant"/>
    <marker nodepdf  name="Sake House" 
            novalue  address="2230 1st Ave, Seattle, 
        texture      WA" lat="47.612823" 
            mysqli  lng="-122.345673" 
            mysql  type="bar"/>
    <marker user  name="Crab Pot" 
            urgent  address="1301 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA" ugent  
           vendor   lng="-122.340363" 
            thin  type="restaurant"/>
    <marker little  name="Mama's Mexican Kitchen" 
          lifer    address="2234 2nd Ave, Seattle, WA" 
  gold            lat="47.613976" 
            transferent  lng="-122.345467" 
            hidden  type="bar"/>
    <marker overflow  name="Wingdome" 
            padding  address="1416 E Olive Way, Seattle, WA" new pad  
           pading   lng="-122.326584" 
            html  type="bar"/>
    <marker panda  name="Piroshky Piroshky" 
            py  address="1908 Pike pl, Seattle, WA" 
    python          lat="47.610126" 
            proxy  lng="-122.342834" 
            udpport  type="restaurant"/>

Any idea what i might have done wrong?

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Answers 1 : of Loading Google MAP Markers from my Database

Maybe you forgot to assign the marker to some how a map, like so:


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