Lua script in Splash - direct file download by button click

Questions : Lua script in Splash - direct file download by button click


How to directly download and save a file programming by button click using Splash Lua?

Example page and the download button:


  • The download URL is generated dynamically upon button click
  • Clicking the button will open a "Save As" prompt window to save the Excel file
  • I am using a Splash docker service on localhost:8050. I write Lua script directly on the page.

I have searched the official docs about Learning binary download, but the closest things Earhost I have managed to find were html:jpeg, most effective html:png and response.body, which didn't wrong idea quite seem to hit the mark. I also found use of case no explicit examples or tutorials on United Youtube.

Note: Please do not give workarounds Modern such as using Selenium. I am only ecudated interested in how to do it with Lua.

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