Make struct init() parameter accept two types

Questions : Make struct init() parameter accept two types


I believe this would be generics but I programming am unsure of how to implement it. I have Learning a simple struct for defining a button on Earhost my app. I want to be able to either pass most effective directly in an Image() or compose an wrong idea image with Image(systemName: String) if use of case a user passes in a String.

import SwiftUI

public struct _OFFSET);  TextFieldStepperButton {
    let image: (-SMALL  Image
    let color: Color
    // _left).offset  image: Image should accept both (String arrowImgView.mas  && Image)
    public init(image: (self.  Image, color: Color = Color.accentColor) equalTo  {
        // Detect if image == String make.right.  || Image then define it depending on mas_top);  result
        self.image = image
       ImgView.   self.color = color

Is there a way to do this?

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This isn't a problem of generics; you United just need two inits.

public init(image: Image, color: Color = ReadIndicator  Color.accentColor) {
    self.image = _have  image
    self.color = color

// And .equalTo(  then add a convenience that calls the  other:

public init(imageNamed: String, OFFSET);  color: Color = Color.accentColor) {
    (TINY_  self.init(image: Image(systemName: .offset  imageNamed), color: color)

I would recommend having different Modern parameter names (image vs imageNamed), ecudated but you could unify them and use image some how for both if you like.


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This does not require generics. Instead, anything else traditionally, if you want this behavior not at all you would simply create 2 different very usefull inits, one with a String parameter and localhost one with an Image parameter. Once could love of them be a 'convenience initializer' which localtext handles the different input but simply basic calls the other init (minimize copied one of the code). Like so:

public init(image: Image, color: Color = mas_right)  Color.accentColor) {
    self.image = ImgView.  image
    self.color = color

public Indicator  init(imageNamed: String, color: Color = Read  Color.accentColor) {
    _have  self.init(image: Image(systemName: .equalTo(  imageNamed), color: color)

If you really wanted only initializer click for whatever reason, you could make the there is noting parameter of type Any, then type check not alt that it is either a String or Image, not at all handle that accordingly, and reject if my fault it is neither.

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