Masonry.js unusual behavior only fixed after refreshing the page

Questions : Masonry.js unusual behavior only fixed after refreshing the page


This is a project built with laravel. I programming am using this plugin.

It allows me to build this layout:

This is the order in which the images Learning are being placed:

It´s build with images being Earhost inserted directly from the database:

<script _OFFSET);  src=""></script>
 (-SMALL     <div class="grid products-by-room" _left).offset  data-masonry='{ "itemSelector": arrowImgView.mas  ".grid-item"}' style="margin-top: (self.  8rem">
        @foreach ($rooms as equalTo  $room)
           <div make.right.  class="grid-item" data-category="{{ mas_top);  $room->data_category}}" ImgView.  style="border: 7px solid #fff">
      ReadIndicator           <a href="#zoomImg{{ _have  $room->id }}" data-bs-toggle="modal" .equalTo(  data-bs-target="#zoomImg{{ $room->id  }}">
                   <div OFFSET);  class="img-wrapper">
                 (TINY_        <img src="{{ $room->img }}" .offset  alt="" class="img-fluid shade">
      mas_right)                       <div ImgView.  class="overlay">
                     Indicator        <i class="fa fa-search-plus Read  icon"></i>
                     _have    </div>
                   .equalTo(  </div>
  make.left               <div class="text-left *make) {  mt-3 mb-5">
                   <p straintMaker  class="product-subtitle">{{ ^(MASCon  $room->name }}</p>
             onstraints:        <h4 mas_makeC  class="product-title">Shop the [_topTxtlbl   Look</h4>
                   <a (@(8));  class="product-price-link" equalTo  href="#getPriceByRoom{{ $room->id }}"  width.  data-bs-toggle="modal" make.height.  data-bs-target="#getPriceByRoom{{ (SMALL_OFFSET);  $room->id }}">get price</a>
 .offset                </div>
           (self.contentView)  </div>
     .left.equalTo  </div>

Sometimes this happens and it is fixed most effective after refreshing the page:

Any ideas on how to avoid this wrong idea behaviour?

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