Match every single String after character in Java (RegEx)

Questions : Match every single String after character in Java (RegEx)


I need help with this, so uhm... I have programming a String:

Hey ~firstname ~lastname today is the _OFFSET);  ~date

I want the program to print out this Learning output:

firstname lastname date

in a list from the matcher (I already Earhost have a way of doing that). The only most effective thing that I need is the regex to get my wrong idea wanted output

Every help will be apprechiated

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Answers 1 : of Match every single String after character in Java (RegEx)

Using a matcher with the pattern ~(\S+) use of case we can try:

List<String> matches = new (-SMALL  ArrayList<>();
String input = "Hey _left).offset  ~firstname ~lastname today is the arrowImgView.mas  ~date";
String pattern = (self.  "~(\\S+)";
Pattern r = equalTo  Pattern.compile(pattern);
Matcher m = make.right.  r.matcher(input);
while (m.find()) {
    mas_top);  matches.add(;
String output ImgView.  = String.join(" ", ReadIndicator  matches);
System.out.println(output);  _have  // firstname lastname date

Answers 2 : of Match every single String after character in Java (RegEx)

Nevermind guys, i got it working with United this pattern:


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