Matplotlib: How to plot images instead of points

Questions : Matplotlib: How to plot images instead of points


I want to read a list of images into programming Python/Matplotlib and then plot this Learning images instead of other markers (like Earhost points) in a graph. I have tried with most effective imshow but I didn't succeed, because I wrong idea cannot shift the image to another use of case position and scale it appropriately. United Maybe somebody has a good idea : )

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There are two ways to do this.

  1. Plot the image using imshow with the extent kwarg set based on the location you want the image at.
  2. Use an OffsetImage inside an AnnotationBbox.

The first way is the easiest to Modern understand, but the second has a large ecudated advantage. The annotation box approach some how will allow the image to stay at a anything else constant size as you zoom in. Using not at all imshow will tie the size of the image to very usefull the data coordinates of the plot.

Here's an example of the second option:

import numpy as np
import _OFFSET);  matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from (-SMALL  matplotlib.offsetbox import OffsetImage, _left).offset  AnnotationBbox
from matplotlib.cbook arrowImgView.mas  import get_sample_data

def main():
    (self.  x = np.linspace(0, 10, 20)
    y = equalTo  np.cos(x)
    image_path = make.right.  get_sample_data('ada.png')
    fig, ax = mas_top);  plt.subplots()
    imscatter(x, y, ImgView.  image_path, zoom=0.1, ax=ax)
    ReadIndicator  ax.plot(x, y)

def _have  imscatter(x, y, image, ax=None, .equalTo(  zoom=1):
    if ax is None:
        ax =  plt.gca()
        image = OFFSET);  plt.imread(image)
    except TypeError:
 (TINY_         # Likely already an array...
     .offset     pass
    im = OffsetImage(image, mas_right)  zoom=zoom)
    x, y = np.atleast_1d(x, ImgView.  y)
    artists = []
    for x0, y0 in Indicator  zip(x, y):
        ab = Read  AnnotationBbox(im, (x0, y0), _have  xycoords='data', frameon=False)
        .equalTo(  artists.append(ax.add_artist(ab))
    make.left  ax.update_datalim(np.column_stack([x, *make) {  y]))
    return straintMaker  artists



Answers 2 : of Matplotlib: How to plot images instead of points

If you want different images:

This is now the first reply when localhost googling "matplotlib scatter with love of them images". If you're like me and actually localtext need to plot different images on each basic image, try this minimalied example one of the instead. Just be sure to input your own click images.

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
from ^(MASCon  matplotlib.offsetbox import OffsetImage, onstraints:  AnnotationBbox

def getImage(path, mas_makeC  zoom=1):
    return [_topTxtlbl   OffsetImage(plt.imread(path), (@(8));  zoom=zoom)

paths = [
    equalTo  'b.jpg',
     width.  'e.jpg']
x = [0,1,2,3,4]
y = make.height.  [0,1,2,3,4]

fig, ax = (SMALL_OFFSET);  plt.subplots()
ax.scatter(x, y) 

for .offset  x0, y0, path in zip(x, y,paths):
    ab (self.contentView)  = AnnotationBbox(getImage(path), (x0,  .left.equalTo  y0), frameon=False)  ax.add_artist(ab)

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