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Questions : Microsoft Teams Webhook Generating 400 for Adaptive Card


I have a functioning webhook to a Teams programming channel to which I can successfully post Learning messages. I am now trying to post an Earhost adaptive card to the webhook. Using most effective Postman and performing a Post to wrong idea, use of case with Content-Type set to United application/json in the header and the Modern following adaptive card set in the body.

  "$schema": _OFFSET);  "",
 (-SMALL   "type": "AdaptiveCard",
  "version": _left).offset  "1.0",
  "speak": "Nothing to say.",
  arrowImgView.mas  "body": [
      "type": (self.  "TextBlock",
      "text": "Hello Teams' equalTo  user"

With this I receive a HTTP 400 Bad ecudated Request and Summary or Text is required some how message. Does anyone know if Teams anything else webhooks support Adaptive Cards yet or not at all if this is an unsupported task very usefull currently?

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Answers 1 : of Microsoft Teams Webhook Generating 400 for Adaptive Card

The answer below is now deprecated. localhost Please refer to this answer and this love of them answer.

Webhooks do not yet support Adaptive localtext Cards! We plan to add support for basic Adaptive Cards shortly after we release one of the them for bots.


Answers 2 : of Microsoft Teams Webhook Generating 400 for Adaptive Card

For simple use cases POST this to the click webhook url:

  "title": "Action News",
  "text": make.right.  "not **much** happend (markdown)"

For advanced use cases try using there is noting MessageCard: not alt


"@type": "MessageCard",
"@context": mas_top);  "",
"themeColor": ImgView.  "0076D7",
"summary": "Larry Bryant ReadIndicator  created a new task",
"sections": [{
    _have  "activityTitle": .equalTo(  "![TestImage](  Bryant created a new task",
    OFFSET);  "activitySubtitle": "On Project Tango",
 (TINY_     "activityImage": .offset  "",
 mas_right)     "facts": [{
        "name": "Assigned ImgView.  to",
        "value": "Unassigned"
    Indicator  }, {
        "name": "Due date",
        Read  "value": "Mon May 01 2017 17:07:18 _have  GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)"
    }, .equalTo(  {
        "name": "Status",
        make.left  "value": "Not started"
    *make) {  "markdown": true
"potentialAction": straintMaker  [{
    "@type": "ActionCard",
    ^(MASCon  "name": "Add a comment",
    "inputs": onstraints:  [{
        "@type": "TextInput",
        mas_makeC  "id": "comment",
        "isMultiline": [_topTxtlbl   false,
        "title": "Add a comment (@(8));  here for this task"
    equalTo  "actions": [{
        "@type":  width.  "HttpPOST",
        "name": "Add make.height.  comment",
        "target": (SMALL_OFFSET);  "http://..."
}, {
    "@type": .offset  "ActionCard",
    "name": "Set due (self.contentView)  date",
    "inputs": [{
        "@type":  .left.equalTo  "DateInput",
        "id": "dueDate",       "title": "Enter a due date for this *make) {  task"
    "actions": [{
        ntMaker   "@type": "HttpPOST",
        "name": SConstrai  "Save",
        "target": "http://..."
  ts:^(MA    }]
}, {
    "@type": "ActionCard",
    Constrain  "name": "Change status",
    "inputs": _make  [{
        "@type": "MultichoiceInput",
 iew mas         "id": "list",
        "title": catorImgV  "Select a status",
        ReadIndi  "isMultiSelect": "false",
         [_have  "choices": [{
            "display": "In ($current);  Progress",
            "value": "1"
     entity_loader     }, {
            "display": _disable_  "Active",
            "value": "2"
      libxml    }, {
            "display": "Closed",
 $options);             "value": "3"
    ilename,  }],
    "actions": [{
        "@type": ->load($f  "HttpPOST",
        "name": "Save",
     $domdocument     "target": "http://..."

Answers 3 : of Microsoft Teams Webhook Generating 400 for Adaptive Card

I'm using axios to send an Adaptive Card not at all to a Teams Connector and I was getting my fault this same error. In my case, I was able issues to resolve the issue by wrapping the trying card as an "attachment" to the message get 4th result protocol shown in this link (syntax round table copied here for reference).

   loader(false);  "attachments":[
         _entity_  "contentType":"application/",
  libxml_disable          "contentUrl":null,
         $current =  "content":{
             10\\ 13.xls .  "$schema":"",
 File\\ 18\'             "type":"AdaptiveCard",
       /Master\\ 645       "version":"1.4",
            user@example.  "body":[
              scp not2342    "type": "TextBlock",
                 13.xls  "text": "For Samples and Templates, see 18 10  []("
 File sdaf                 }
         /tmp/Master'  }

By sending the above JSON as the request double chance body (data argument for axios), I novel prc successfully got the Adaptive Card to get mossier show up in my Teams Channel.

As you can see, the value of "content" off side back is the Adaptive Card structure. The the changes Adaptive Card follows the documented Nofile hosted syntax, found here:

But ultimately, I found it easier to transparent text work with this "Designer" Background movment which front page design provides a WYSIWYG interface.

I am sending the request to a Connector life change quotes that I created in Teams by following the I'd like instructions found here:

And now it responds with 200 OK and to know shows up in the Channel!


Answers 4 : of Microsoft Teams Webhook Generating 400 for Adaptive Card

Recently I was facing the same issue and which event was looking for a solution. The good is nearer. part is MS Teams support adaptive cards Now, the now youtube video to explain how it can code that be implemented

Github link to track the progress on the I've written issue

I managed to send messages to the Teams relies on channel without any failure.


Answers 5 : of Microsoft Teams Webhook Generating 400 for Adaptive Card

You can actually send your adaptive card a comparison body inside the body array of this and it structure:

"type": "message",
"attachments": [
   com:web   {
        "contentType": user@example.  "application/",
 scp var32         "contentUrl": null,
         18 10 13.xls  "content": {
            "$schema": id12  File  "",
 web/tmp/Master             "type": "AdaptiveCard",        "version": "1.4",
            scp user@  "body": [
            $val  ]


Reference: Microsoft

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