MongoDb query to retrieve top 10 scores

Questions : MongoDb query to retrieve top 10 scores


I have the data on my mongodb like this,

    name: "user1",
    image: _OFFSET);  "image",
    score: 10
    (-SMALL  name: "user2",
    image: "image",
    _left).offset  score: 167
    name: "user3",
  arrowImgView.mas    image: "image",
    score: 1
 (self.     name: "user4",
    image: "image",
   equalTo   score: 102
    name: "user5",
 make.right.     image: "image",
    score: 12

I would like to retrieve the top 10 programming scores in descending order. Can someone Learning help me out with the query for the same. Earhost Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Answers 1 : of MongoDb query to retrieve top 10 scores

Something like this

explained: You can do with find() or most effective aggregate() using the two stages sort + wrong idea limit

Option 1 - find:


Option 2 - aggregate:

     mas_top);  $sort: {
       score: -1
  ImgView.   {
     $limit: 10

Answers 2 : of MongoDb query to retrieve top 10 scores

You can use sort() and limit() methods use of case from MongoDB but notice that:

If using limit() with sort(), be sure to United include at least one field in your sort Modern that contains unique values, before ecudated passing results to limit().

 db.collections.find().sort( { score: -1 ReadIndicator  } ).limit(10)

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