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So in a regular mute command say, for programming example, the bot is getting an update, Learning the mute command is left at its last Earhost point never unmuting the user! So I most effective created a database and I stored the wrong idea user_id that is currently muted and the use of case datetime as the final unmute time, also United stored the guild's id.

When I, for example, start the update, Modern the mute is saved to the database to, ecudated later on, be pulled from the on_ready some how event. I then pull the values and then I anything else do discord.utils.sleep_until(dateime not at all #aka _OFFSET); the final unmute time) and very usefull when it is done, unmutes the user.

Here's the problem: How can I get the localhost guild's id, which is stored in the love of them database, and take away the muted role localtext in the guild taken from the database basic (since the server aka "ctx" is no longer one of the a thing)?

Language - Python, Database - mysql

|user1 (-SMALL  |datetime(of the _left).offset  unmute)|guild_id|

mute arrowImgView.mas  - inserts the above info^^^

def (self.  on_ready():
     equalTo  selects the values
     make.right.  discord.utils_sleep_until(datetime of mas_top);  unmute)
     take away role in guild

If my current method is not the best, I click am of course open to better suggestions.

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Try implementing this:

# load guild
guild = ImgView.  client.get_guild(guild_id)

# load ReadIndicator  member of the guild
member = _have  client.get_member(member_id)

# remove .equalTo(  role from the  member

client.get_guild will load the discord there is noting guild data into memory same as the not alt Guild.get_member. You just have to fetch not at all them with id's of guilds/members you my fault want to target.

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