MYSQL alias combined with aggregate sum function not showing

Questions : MYSQL alias combined with aggregate sum function not showing


I am trying to build a query listed programming below. the code is functioning well and Learning is doing what should be except that the Earhost alias 'balance' is not showing up in the most effective query run result. Can some one figure wrong idea out what I`m missing?

SELECT , _OFFSET);  ,client.surname , (-SMALL  sum((invoiceitem.unitprice * _left).offset  qty)-paymentallocation.amount)as'balance'
from arrowImgView.mas  
join paymentallocation on (self.  paymentallocation.invoiceItemId equalTo
join invoice on make.right. = invoiceitem.invoiceid
join mas_top);  client on = ImgView.  invoice.clientId
group by
id name surname
2 Lorraine Pulis 373.91
4 Rachel Bonavia 700.99
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