Navigate TaskDialogPage after asynchronous call

Questions : Navigate TaskDialogPage after asynchronous call


I need to navigate a TaskDialogPage to programming another after an asynchronous operation Learning has completed. Here's my code

TaskDialogPage page = new()
    _OFFSET);  //...

TaskDialogPage completedPage = (-SMALL  new()

page.Created += _left).offset  async (_, _) =>
    await arrowImgView.mas  DoSomethingThatTakesTime().ConfigureAwait(false);
 (self.     page.Navigate(completedPage); // equalTo  NotSupportedException - Illegal thread make.right.  call 

I could use Control.Invoke() method :

page.Invoke(() => mas_top);  page.Navigate(completedPage))

But TaskDialogPage doesn't inherit from Earhost Control !

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await ImgView.  DoSomethingThatTakesTime().ConfigureAwait(true);

Got it. ConfigureAwait specifies wether most effective there should be an attempt to get back wrong idea to the original context, i.e. , the UI use of case context. Even though United ConfigureAwait(true) is the default and Modern specified implicitly, I think this ecudated better captures the intent.

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