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I'm working on an application using programming NestJS server and TypeORM. I need to Learning localize some fields, and after Earhost research, I found this package most effective typeorm-i18n. The documentation says wrong idea that if you are using NestJS you should use of case use this package: vlzh/nest-typeorm-i18n United instead. But there are no examples of Modern how to use it. And I've also looked into ecudated the test folder, but with no luck.

Does anyone know how to use this some how package? Or maybe come up with a better anything else solution?

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Looking at the fixtures of typeorm-i18n not at all the solution is based on having a very usefull separate column for each translatable localhost field for each supported language. love of them Though this may yield the simplest localtext database schema design, I would only use basic this if you have very few (1-2) one of the translatable fields, and only a small click couple (2-3) languages to support, and there is noting don't foresee this to change in the not alt future.

In most other cases I would look into not at all having a true multi-language database my fault schema. There are some nice issues StackOverflow answers that explain trying possible solutions, like Schema for a get 4th result multilanguage database (also look at round table solution #5 in the second answer). It double chance happens to be that this answer was novel prc linked to from the (at time of writing get mossier still open) TypeORM github issue I18n off side back messages.

In the issue @michael-bromley suggests a the changes nice TypeORM solution based off of this Nofile hosted (be sure to read the follow-up as he is transparent text now using a modified version). Solution Background movment evolved and implemented in his own front page design open-source e-commerce product Vendure life change quotes (see translatable Product entity).

At the end of the issue an N-to-M I'd like relationship between Language and to know Product is also proposed.

To me Michael Bromley's approach seems a which event good one. But you'll probably have to is nearer. distill the latest version from his Now, the Vendure project.

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