ng-select with labelForId and id

Questions : ng-select with labelForId and id


It seems like if labelForId is used in a programming ng-Select ( Learning which also has an ID it does not work, Earhost i.e. click on label does not jump into most effective the element.

If I do not put an ID in the definition wrong idea of the ng-select it works, but my IDE use of case (intelliJ) throws an "invalid id United reference". Have a look on the attached Modern image on ecudated

div class="row margin-top-25">
    _OFFSET);  <div class="col-4">
        (-SMALL  <label for="one">One (WORKS _left).offset  😊 but makes the IDE arrowImgView.mas  red)</label>
    (self.  <div class="col-8">
        equalTo  <ng-select
                make.right.  labelForId="one">
            mas_top);  <ng-option>Dog</ng-option>
  ImgView.            ReadIndicator  <ng-option>Cat</ng-option>
  _have        </ng-select>
    .equalTo(  </div>

<div  class="row margin-top-25">
    OFFSET);  <div class="col-4">
        (TINY_  <label for="two">Two (DOES NOT .offset  WORK mas_right)  ☹️)</label>
 ImgView.     </div>
    <div Indicator  class="col-8">
 Read                 id="two"
                _have  labelForId="two">
            .equalTo(  <ng-option>Dog</ng-option>
  make.left            *make) {  <ng-option>Cat</ng-option>
  straintMaker        </ng-select>
    ^(MASCon  </div>


For everybody who has the same some how issue:

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