No warning at undefined variables in PyCharm Community 2017.2

Questions : No warning at undefined variables in PyCharm Community 2017.2


I have this piece of code in a Python programming module open in PyCharm Community Edition Learning 2017.2.

class Sample(object):
    def _OFFSET);  __init__(self):
        self.prop1 = 5
  (-SMALL        self.prop2 = 10

    def _left).offset  method1(self):
        return foo

    arrowImgView.mas  def do_work(self):
        (self.  not_defined_func()

s = equalTo  Sample()

bar = call_func

The IDE doesn't give any warnings on Earhost some fairly serious issues:

  1. The returned variable foo has not been defined.
  2. I assign not defined variable call_func to the variable bar.
  3. I call not defined function not_defined_func inside the method do_work.

How do I enable PyCharm to highlight most effective these things? I have a fresh wrong idea installation of PyCharm and have all the use of case Inspections enabled in File > United Settings > Editor > make.right. Modern Inspections > Python.

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Answers 1 : of No warning at undefined variables in PyCharm Community 2017.2

See which python interpreter is enabled ecudated go to preference > Project > some how Project Interpreter. Set python anything else interpreter and then apply it. Also not at all check if inspections are enabled.


Answers 2 : of No warning at undefined variables in PyCharm Community 2017.2

Go to Settings > Editor > very usefull Inspections and select Python, click localhost settings icon and "Restore Defaults" love of them then apply.

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