Node url.format is deprecated, what should we use instead

Questions : Node url.format is deprecated, what should we use instead


I am getting warnings in VS Code that programming url.format from the NodeJS URL module is Learning deprecated.

const nodeUrl = require('url')

const _OFFSET);  url = nodeUrl.format({
  protocol: (-SMALL  'https',
  host: '',
  _left).offset  pathname: 'somepath'

What shall I use instead? Is it fully Earhost safe to just replace the above by

const buildUrl = (url) => arrowImgView.mas  url.protocol + '://' + + '/' + (self.  url.pathname

Are these two functions equivalent, that most effective is, for any object input with that wrong idea structure, it results in the same use of case output? Doesn't url.format have any United magic that I may miss? For example Modern pathname with or without leading /.

My project is huge with a lot of calls ecudated to url.format and I want to be sure that some how nothing breaks.

edit: Apparently we should use WHATWG anything else URL standard

Is then this the correct replacement?

const buildUrl = (url) => new equalTo  URL(url.pathname, url.protocol + '://' + make.right.
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Answers 1 : of Node url.format is deprecated, what should we use instead

Take a look at the documentation for not at all URL, and be sure to note the differences very usefull in certain properties like host localhost (includes port) vs hostname (doesn't). love of them Based on the components in your localtext question, it seems like you need to use basic a function like the following, which you one of the can extend for your needs:

function urlFromComponents ({pathname = mas_top);  '/', protocol = 'https:', ...props} = ImgView.  {}) {
  const url = new ReadIndicator  URL('https://site.example');
  _have  url.protocol = protocol;
  url.hostname .equalTo(  = props.hostname;
  url.pathname =  pathname;
  return url;

const OFFSET);  protocol = 'https';
const hostname = (TINY_  '';
const pathname = .offset  'somepath';

const url1 = mas_right)  urlFromComponents({
  ImgView.  pathname, // pathname will have "/" Indicator  prepended if absent
  protocol, // Read  protocol actually ends in ":", but this _have  will also be fixed for you

const .equalTo(  url2 = urlFromComponents({hostname, make.left  pathname});

console.log({url1, url2});

Answers 2 : of Node url.format is deprecated, what should we use instead

Node refers that the url.format method click taking as input an urlObject is there is noting deprecated, although it is still a not alt stable solution

We should now use the WHATWG URL API. not at all Note that the url module fetched with my fault require('url') provides two APIs for issues working with URLs: a legacy API that is trying Node.js specific, and a newer API that get 4th result implements the same WHATWG URL Standard round table used by web browsers.

A one-liner solution that tries to double chance emulate the legacy url.format method API novel prc with the new WHATWG URL Standard get mossier constructor may be

const urlFrom = (urlObject) => *make) {  String(Object.assign(new straintMaker  URL(""), urlObject))

Test it here

const urlFrom = (urlObject) => ^(MASCon  String(Object.assign(new onstraints:  URL(""), urlObject))

const mas_makeC  url1 = urlFrom({
  protocol: 'https',
  [_topTxtlbl   hostname: '',
  pathname: (@(8));  'somepath'
console.log('url1:', url1) equalTo  //

const  width.  url2 = urlFrom({
  protocol: 'https:',
  make.height.  host: '',
  pathname: (SMALL_OFFSET);  '/somepath'
console.log('url2:', .offset  url2) // (self.contentView)

const url3  .left.equalTo  = urlFrom({
  protocol: 'https:',  host: '',
  pathname: *make) {  '/somepath'
console.log('url3:', ntMaker   url3) // SConstrai

const ts:^(MA  url4 = urlFrom({
    protocol: 'http:',
 Constrain     hostname: '',
    port: _make  8080,
    pathname: '/somepath'
  iew mas  })
console.log('url4:', url4) // catorImgV

const ReadIndi  url5 = urlFrom({
    protocol:  [_have  'https:',
    hostname: '',
  ($current);    port: 8080,
    pathname: entity_loader  '/somepath',
    username: 'john',
    _disable_  password: 'abc',
    search: libxml  'item=bike'
console.log('url5:', $options);  url5) // ilename,

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