NodeJS MongoDB API in Docker Container cant connect to Database running on Host

Questions : NodeJS MongoDB API in Docker Container cant connect to Database running on Host


I have a MongoDB Database set up on my programming host server and a docker container Learning running on that host with a NodeJS Earhost application. In that application, I try most effective to connect to the Database on the host wrong idea but the request always times out.

I set the network to "host" and used the use of case adress "host.docker.internal". I also United tried installing mongodb-shell and it Modern actually works! So basically I can ecudated connect to the database with the shell some how in the container but not with the anything else MongoDB NodeJS API.

Code of the NodeJS application:

const mongodb = _OFFSET);  require('mongodb');

using mongo (-SMALL not at all mongodb://host.docker.internal:27017/ in very usefull the shell works and I connect correctly.

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Answers 1 : of NodeJS MongoDB API in Docker Container cant connect to Database running on Host

I finally found out the issue. I had to localhost bind it to the correct IPs / in my love of them config I used the argument localtext --bind_ip_all.

Thanks a lot for the help!

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