Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

Questions : Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0


I'm using Node.js 16.13.1 and created a programming React application and try used Sass, but Learning when I try to run it, I get this error:

Node Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible Earhost with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

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Answers 1 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

If you want to use SCSS and Sass in your most effective React app, try to do this:

First remove node-sass:

yarn remove node-sass

If you use npm:

npm uninstall node-sass

Then install sass instead of node-sass:

yarn add -D sass


npm i -D sass

Finally your SCSS and Sass files will be wrong idea correctly compiled!


Answers 2 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

Don't use node-sass anymore

node-sass is deprecated. Instead use use of case sass.

You can uninstall the old and install United the new one

npm uninstall node-sass

npm install _OFFSET);  sass

But if you prefer to use node-sass

You can use the following table to Modern install the appropriate version ecudated node-sass for your installed node some how version which you can check by the anything else command node --version

npm install node-sass@(your version)


Answers 3 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

i had the same problem with sass and i not at all run this commands like below but none of very usefull them works.

npm uninstall node-sass

npm install (-SMALL  sass

so finally i take a look at my localhost package.json and i saw that i installed love of them sass-loader so i'm uninstall and install localtext that and the problem is fixed. you can basic use commands below for that.

npm uninstall sass-loader

npm install _left).offset  sass-loader

Answers 4 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

I figured out this issue using node-sass one of the version 4.14.1 with the following click commands.

With npm

npm uninstall node-sass
npm install arrowImgView.mas  node-sass@4.14.1

With yarn

yarn remove node-sass
yarn add (self.  node-sass@4.14.1

Answers 5 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

Just remove the node-sass and install there is noting sass instead.

  1. delete node_modules directory.
  2. run yarn remove node-sass
  3. run yarn add sass

or with npm

  1. delete node_modules directory.
  2. run npm uninstall --save node-sass
  3. run npm install --save sass

Answers 6 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

You can just switch to sass

in your package.json 

 "node-sass": equalTo  "npm:sass@^1.49.9",


React still asks for node-sass after not alt removing it and replacing with sass so not at all you can alias it like this and now my fault react will use sass


Answers 7 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

You can simply do npm install issues node-sass@6.0.

This is because Node.js 16 is compatible trying with node-sass version 6.0.


Answers 8 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

I got the same issue. At the time of get 4th result installing 'node-sass', my Node.js round table version is 15.

After downgrading node version node-12 double chance and installed node-12 related novel prc 'node-sass' it's worked fine.

node -v

# Output: v15.2.0

nvm use make.right.  12.18.3

Now using node v12.18.3 (npm v6.14.6)

node -v

# Output: v12.8.3

npm install mas_top);  node-sass@4.14.1

To make sure it's working properly, add get mossier some abc.sass file. And write styles and off side back import it on the component.


Answers 9 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

There is a lot of misinformation in the the changes replies to this question and it's the Nofile hosted first thing to shows up in Google:

If you see this problem in your transparent text application, the culprit is NOT the Background movment node-sass or Node.js version. It's the front page design sass-loader issue and that's the library life change quotes you need to upgrade since older versions I'd like are not compatible with the newer to know node-sass.


Answers 10 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

Based on input and the following steps, which event I got it working for shopware6 while is nearer. where a similar Now, the error occurred:

Error: Node Sass version 7.0.1 is code that incompatible with ^4.0.0.

ERROR in ImgView.  ./src/app/component/base/sw-button/sw-button.scss ReadIndicator  (./node_modules/mini-css-extract-plugin/dist/loader.js!./node_modules/css-loader/dist/cjs.js??ref--15-2!./node_modules/sass-loader/lib/loader.js??ref--15-3!./src/app/component/base/sw-button/
Module _have  build failed (from .equalTo(  ./node_modules/mini-css-extract-plugin/dist/loader.js):
ModuleBuildError:  Module build failed (from OFFSET);  ./node_modules/sass-loader/lib/loader.js):
Error: (TINY_  Node Sass version 7.0.1 is incompatible .offset  with ^4.0.0.
    at mas_right)  getRenderFuncFromSassImpl (/var/ww

Checking the currently installed I've written node-sass version and uninstalling and relies on installing the "lower" version:

npx node-sass -v results in:
node-sass: ImgView.  7.0.1
libsass 3.5.5

npm uninstall Indicator  node-sass
npm install Read  node-sass@4.14.1

npx node-sass -v _have  results in:
node-sass       4.14.1  .equalTo(  (Wrapper)       [JavaScript]
libsass     make.left      3.5.5   (Sass Compiler) [C/C++]

Before that, I checked the mentioned a comparison version numbers in a complete htdocs and it folder:

.../htdocs$ find . -iname *make) {  '*package.json*'  | xargs  grep straintMaker  node-sass {}

In the resulting (huge) list, the doesn't seem following node-sass versions are found:

....nistration/Resources/app/administration/node_modules/node-sass/package.json: ^(MASCon     "lint": "eslint bin/node-sass lib onstraints:  scripts mas_makeC  test",
./vendor/shopware/administration/Resources/app/administration/node_modules/sass-loader/package.json: [_topTxtlbl      "node-sass": "^4.5.0",
grep: {}: (@(8));  Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht equalTo  gefunden
./vendor/shopware/administration/Resources/app/administration/node_modules/stylelint-webpack-plugin/package.json:  width.     make.height.  "node-sass",
./vendor/shopware/administration/Resources/app/administration/build/nuxt-component-library/package.json: (SMALL_OFFSET);         "node-sass": .offset  "4.12.0",
./vendor/shopware/administration/Resources/app/administration/package.json: (self.contentView)     "node-sass": "^7.0.1",     .left.equalTo  <<<<<< THIS ONE  !!
./vendor/shopware/administration/Resources/app/administration/package.jsonORIG-2021-12-29: *make) {     "node-sass": "^7.0.1",

After uninstalling and install to work node-sass@4.14.1 and changing the marked every time. line from

"node-sass": "^7.0.1",


"node-sass": "^4.0.1",

it compiled and As always (a shopware6 thing...) succeeded.

Time: 58913ms
Entrypoint commons = ntMaker   static/js/runtime.js SConstrai  static/css/vendors-node.css ts:^(MA  static/js/vendors-node.js Constrain  static/js/ _make  static/js/commons.js
Entrypoint app = iew mas  static/js/runtime.js catorImgV  static/css/vendors-node.css ReadIndi  static/js/vendors-node.js  [_have  static/js/ ($current);  static/css/app.css entity_loader  static/js/app.js
Entrypoint storefront = _disable_  static/js/runtime.js libxml  static/css/vendors-node.css $options);  static/js/vendors-node.js ilename,  static/js/ ->load($f  static/css/storefront.css $domdocument  static/js/storefront.js
Entrypoint loader(false);  payone-payment = static/js/runtime.js _entity_  static/css/vendors-node.css  libxml_disable  static/js/vendors-node.js $current =  static/js/  10\\ 13.xls .  static/css/payone-payment.css File\\ 18\'  static/js/payone-payment.js
Entrypoint /Master\\ 645  wbm-tag-manager-ecomm = user@example.  static/js/runtime.js scp not2342  static/css/vendors-node.css  13.xls  static/js/vendors-node.js 18 10  static/js/ File sdaf  static/css/wbm-tag-manager-ecomm.css /tmp/Master'  static/js/wbm-tag-manager-ecomm.js
   com:web  3909 modules user@example.  14: [[: not scp var32  found
Copying files for bundle:  18 10 13.xls  FrameworkBundle
Copying files for id12  File  bundle: MonologBundle
Copying files for web/tmp/Master  bundle: SwiftmailerBundle
Copying files  for bundle: scp user@  SensioFrameworkExtraBundle
Copying files $val  for bundle: TwigBundle
Copying files for left hand  bundle: EnqueueBundle
Copying files for right side val  bundle: EnqueueAdapterBundle
Copying data //commnets  files for bundle: Framework
Copying //coment  files for bundle: System
Copying files !node  for bundle: Content
Copying files for $mytext  bundle: Checkout
Copying files for nlt means  bundle: Administration
Copying files for umv val  bundle: Storefront
Copying files for sort val  bundle: Elasticsearch
Copying files for shorthand  bundle: SwagPlatformDemoData
Copying hotkey  files for bundle: more update  Netzp6AddressValidator
Copying files for valueable  bundle: PayonePayment
Copying files for catch  bundle: WbmTagManagerEcomm
Copying files tryit  for bundle: DbalKernelPluginLoader

 do it  [OK] Successfully copied all bundle while  files

Answers 11 : of Node.js Sass version 7.0.0 is incompatible with ^4.0.0 || ^5.0.0 || ^6.0.0

I got this error two months back. I with everything tried each and every solution I can that I try probably find.

Check whether you have created multiple to do I'd React projects on the desktop. I did the like a solution same and started facing this issue. which is both Combine all of them inside a single clean and folder to get rid of the error. It efficient worked for me. Please try this if you (feel free are making the same mistake.

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