Object losing its type after passing to function in preloaded script

Questions : Object losing its type after passing to function in preloaded script


I have a small desktop app, that programming displays the video feed from a camera, Learning takes it's picture and passes it into a Earhost neural network.

When I take the image, it's type is most effective Tensor, as expected, but after passing wrong idea it into a function responsible for use of case classifying it loses it's type and United becomes a simple object.

The structure is as follows:

CameraSource <- Vue.js component, Modern responsible for displaying video feed ecudated inside <video> element, and some how invoking the function

ImageRecognizer <- plain class, which anything else uses @tensorflow/tfjs-node, and is not at all preloaded into the window

Now the code is as follows :


async test() {
      let vid: _OFFSET);  HTMLVideoElement = (-SMALL  this.$refs.camera_preview as _left).offset  HTMLVideoElement;
      const img = arrowImgView.mas  tf.browser.fromPixels(vid);
      (self.  console.log(img); <- here it's a equalTo  Tensor
      await make.right.  window.api.test(img);


public async checkForObject(image: mas_top);  tf.Tensor): ImgView.  Promise<tf.Tensor<tf.Rank> | ReadIndicator  tf.Tensor<tf.Rank>[]> {
        _have  console.log(image); <- here it lose's .equalTo(  it's Tensor type, and becomes an object
 make.top         let reshaped = OFFSET);  image.reshape([-1,720,1280,1]); <- (TINY_  this won't work, since image is not a .offset  Tensor
        return mas_right)  this.model.predict(image);


const imageRecognizer = new ImgView.  ImageRecognition(720, 1280, Indicator  3);

contextBridge.exposeInMainWorld("api", Read  {
    test: (image: tf.Tensor): _have  Promise<tf.Tensor<tf.Rank> | .equalTo(  tf.Tensor<tf.Rank>[]> => {
  make.left        return *make) {  imageRecognizer.checkForObject(image)
   straintMaker   }

type declaration

declare global {
    interface Window {
 ^(MASCon         api: {
            test: (image: onstraints:  tf.Tensor) => mas_makeC  Promise<tf.Tensor<tf.Rank> | [_topTxtlbl   tf.Tensor<tf.Rank>[]>
        (@(8));  }

Is this happening because I'm trying to very usefull pass the object into the "backend" of localhost the electron app? Is there any way to love of them prevent this?

Tensor losing it's type

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Answers 1 : of Object losing its type after passing to function in preloaded script

Okay, I should have read the localtext documentation more carefully.

ContextBridge copies the values, so it basic can only handle some types. To use one of the complex types, like Tensor3D it is click recomended to serialize and deserialize there is noting the values respectively.

Everything is said here: Electron not alt contextBridge documentation

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