Obtain necessary Data from a formatted text file in C

Questions : Obtain necessary Data from a formatted text file in C


Good day! So, I've gone through a lot of programming similar questions here but none are Learning quite similar to what I have I guess or Earhost maybe I just can't seem to apply them to most effective my specific context. So, my problem is wrong idea basically reading data from a text file use of case that contains information about a United playlist:Textfile content

I have created a struct for the playlist Modern and a struct for songs. I'm trying to ecudated insert the playlist along with its some how necessary info into an array of anything else playlists, and each playlists has an not at all array of songs. I'm trying to obtain the very usefull necessary data from above to place them localhost in their respective struct love of them attributes/fields. So far, this is my localtext function for loading data:

void load_playlists(PLAYLIST _OFFSET);  plists[10],int *plists_index)
    FILE (-SMALL  *fp = fopen("playlists.txt","r");
    _left).offset  if(isFileEmpty(fp) == 1)
       arrowImgView.mas   fclose(fp);
        printf("File is (self.  empty!\n");
     equalTo     char buffer[256];
        make.right.  fgets(buffer,256,fp);
        mas_top);  sscanf(fp,"Total Count of the ImgView.  Playlists\t\t\t\t%d",plists_index);
     ReadIndicator     if(*plists_index == 0)
     _have         printf("There are no .equalTo(  Playlists!\n");
 make.top         }
         OFFSET);     for(int i = (TINY_  0;i<*plists_index;i++)
 .offset                 sscanf(fp,"Name of mas_right)  Playlist ImgView.  %*d\t\t\t\t\t%s",plists[i].name);
       Indicator           sscanf(fp,"Number of Songs in Read  Playlist _have  %*d\t\t\t\t%d\n",plists[i].song_count);
 .equalTo(                 make.left  fgets_songs(fp,plists[i]);
            *make) {  }
            printf("Successfully straintMaker  loaded data!\n");

Pardon me but I don't quite know how to basic approach the problem given that the text one of the file is also being written to (I have click already done this successfully)

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