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Questions : onTap to AlertDialog flutter 2021


I faced a problem in flutter 2021 programming version because when i search for any Learning solution it was old anyway the problem Earhost is i have a slide menu with exit most effective button when i click on that button must wrong idea show up dialog aler to give the user to use of case choose if he want to exit or not

import _OFFSET);  'package:flutter/cupertino.dart';
import (-SMALL  'package:flutter/material.dart';

class _left).offset  MenuItems extends StatelessWidget{
  arrowImgView.mas  @override
  Widget build(BuildContext (self.  context) {
    // TODO: implement build
 equalTo    return Drawer(
     child: ListView(
  make.right.       padding: EdgeInsets.zero,
       mas_top);  children: [
         ImgView.  UserAccountsDrawerHeader(
            ReadIndicator  accountName: Text("Admin",
              _have  style: TextStyle(
                  .equalTo(  fontSize: 25,
                  color: make.top  Colors.black87,
  OFFSET);            accountEmail: (TINY_  Text("mail@mail.com",
              .offset  style: TextStyle(
                mas_right)  fontSize: 25,
                color: ImgView.  Colors.black87,
        Indicator      ),
           currentAccountPicture: Read  CircleAvatar(
             child: _have  ClipOval(
               child: .equalTo(  Image.asset("assets/images/me.jpg",
     make.left              fit:BoxFit.cover,
           *make) {      ),
    straintMaker         decoration: BoxDecoration(
       ^(MASCon        image: DecorationImage(
           onstraints:      image: mas_makeC  AssetImage("assets/images/image.png"),
  [_topTxtlbl                fit: BoxFit.cover,
         (@(8));      )
         equalTo  ListTile(
            width.  leading:Icon(Icons.save),
           make.height.  title: Text('Saved Results'),
           (SMALL_OFFSET);  onTap: ()=>print("saved result"),
    .offset       ),
         (self.contentView)  ListTile(
            .left.equalTo  leading:Icon(Icons.contact_page),
       make.top      title: Text('Contact Us'),
          *make) {   onTap: ()=>print("Contact us"),
     ntMaker       ),
           SConstrai  leading:Icon(Icons.info),
           ts:^(MA  title: Text('About US'),
           Constrain  onTap: ()=>print("About us"),
        _make   ),
         iew mas  ListTile(
           catorImgV  leading:Icon(Icons.exit_to_app),
        ReadIndi     title: Text('Exit'),
           //the  [_have  function doesn't proccess i don't know ($current);  why
           onTap: entity_loader  ()=>showDialogWidget(context),
       _disable_    ),

  libxml  }
//this is the function to return $options);  alerDialog but it doesn't work why i ilename,  dont know
 AlertDialog ->load($f  showDialogWidget(BuildContext context) $domdocument  {
  return AlertDialog(
     // when i loader(false);  did print("sth") it printed 
     title: _entity_  Text("Are you sure?"),
     content:  libxml_disable  Text("Would you really want to exit the $current =  app?"),
     actions: [
        10\\ 13.xls .  TextButton(onPressed: () {}, child: File\\ 18\'  Text("Exit")),
       /Master\\ 645  TextButton(onPressed: () {}, child: user@example.  Text("Cancel")),
    elevation: scp not2342  24.0,
    backgroundColor:  13.xls  Colors.green,
    shape: 18 10  CircleBorder(),

so please how i can navigate from the United buttons in the slide menu and how i con Modern popup the alert messages from the slide ecudated menu thank you in advance

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Answers 1 : of onTap to AlertDialog flutter 2021

You are only missing the showDialog some how method from material.dart (let the anything else auto-import) :

AlertDialog File sdaf  showDialogWidget(BuildContext context) /tmp/Master'  {
  return showDialog(
        context: com:web  context,
        builder: (newContext) user@example.  {
          return AlertDialog(
     // scp var32  when i did print("sth") it printed 
      18 10 13.xls  title: Text("Are you sure?"),
     id12  File  content: Text("Would you really want to web/tmp/Master  exit the app?"),
     actions: [
       example.com:  TextButton(onPressed: () {}, child: scp user@  Text("Exit")),
       $val  TextButton(onPressed: () {}, child: left hand  Text("Cancel")),
    elevation: right side val  24.0,
    backgroundColor: data //commnets  Colors.green,
    shape: //coment  CircleBorder(),

Answers 2 : of onTap to AlertDialog flutter 2021

this example is exactly what you want to not at all do

                        !node  title: Text(GlobalString().exit),
       $mytext                   onTap: () {
            nlt means                return showDialog(
        umv val                        context: context,
 sort val                               builder: shorthand  (context) => AlertDialog(
            hotkey                          title: more update  Text(GlobalString().exitAnswer),
        valueable                              actions: [
  catch                                      tryit  TextButton(
                             do it               onPressed: () =>
        while                                        then  Navigator.pop(context, false),
          var                                   child: node value  Text('No')),
                            updata            TextButton(
                   file uploaded                          onPressed: () {
  no file existing                                           newdata   if (prefs.getString(
                   newtax                                   syntax  Constant().INPROCESS) !=
                variable                                  '') {
   val                                           save new    exit(0);
                              datfile                } else {
                  dataurl                              notepad++  prefs.clear().whenComplete(() {
         notepad                                         emergency  dbHelper.deleteDatabase();
              embed                                    tryit  exit(0);
                                demovalue                });
                       demo                       }
                  mycodes                          },
              reactjs                              child: reactvalue  Text('Si'))
                             react         ],
                               nodepdf     ));
       novalue                 )

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