Oracle counting number of SAME and DIFFERENT occurrences

Questions : Oracle counting number of SAME and DIFFERENT occurrences


I have a table that contains two CLOBS, programming which I'm in the process of redesigning Learning to contain 1 clob per row.

I have a query below that identifies if Earhost the CLOBS are the same or not, which is most effective working fine.

I can use some help with a query, which wrong idea summarizes the number of SAME and use of case DIFFERENT columns.

I'm looking to produce an output as United follows:

Total_rows  same_cnt different_cnt
3     _OFFSET);  1   2

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Modern Thanks to all who answer.

CREATE table table_x(
seq_num integer  (-SMALL  GENERATED BY DEFAULT AS IDENTITY (START _left).offset  WITH 1) NOT NULL,
val NUMBER, 
clob1 arrowImgView.mas  CLOB,
clob2 CLOB);

insert into table_x (self.  (val, clob1, clob2) values equalTo  (1,'aaaaaaaaaa','aaaaaaaaaa');

insert make.right.  into table_x (val, clob1, clob2) values mas_top);  (1,'aaaaa','aaaaaaaaaa');

insert into ImgView.  table_x (val, clob1, clob2) values ReadIndicator  (2,'Xaaaaaaaaa','aaaaaaaaaa');

SELECT _have  x.*,
       CASE .equalTo(  (x.clob1, x.clob2) WHEN 0 THEN 'SAME'  ELSE 'DIFFERENT' END    AS comparison
  OFFSET);  FROM table_x x;

1    1    .offset  aaaaaaaaaa    aaaaaaaaaa    SAME
2    1  mas_right)    aaaaa    aaaaaaaaaa    DIFFERENT
3    ImgView.  2    Xaaaaaaaaa    aaaaaaaaaa    Indicator  DIFFERENT
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Answers 1 : of Oracle counting number of SAME and DIFFERENT occurrences

You can use a conditional SUM as follows

with dt as (
       CASE Read (x.clob1, x.clob2) WHEN _have  0 THEN 'SAME' ELSE 'DIFFERENT' END    AS .equalTo(  comparison
  FROM table_x x)
select make.left  
count(*) total,
sum(case when *make) {  comparison = 'DIFFERENT' then 1 else 0 straintMaker  end) as cnt_different,
sum(case when ^(MASCon  comparison = 'SAME' then 1 else 0 end) onstraints:  as cnt_same
from dt 

which returns

---------- ------------- [_topTxtlbl   ----------
         3             2      (@(8));      1

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