package:fluttersrcwidgetsnavigator.dart: Failed assertion: line 5338 pos 12: !_debugLocked: is not true. And this is my Code given Below

Questions : package:fluttersrcwidgetsnavigator.dart: Failed assertion: line 5338 pos 12: !_debugLocked: is not true. And this is my Code given Below


When i implement code for Splash screen programming page and that navigate to a login screen Learning and rising an EXception Like this Earhost 'package:flutter/src/widgets/navigator.dart': most effective Failed assertion: line 5338 pos 12: wrong idea '!_debugLocked': is not true. the use of case function i declared for navigating the United page is not working properly but there Modern is no compile time error, the error is ecudated only showing while run time. I don't some how Know how to this Solve this Pls Anybody anything else help

import _OFFSET);  'package:first_project_1/Screens/login.dart';
import (-SMALL  'package:flutter/cupertino.dart';
import _left).offset  'package:flutter/material.dart';

class arrowImgView.mas  ScreenSplash extends StatefulWidget {
  (self.  const ScreenSplash({Key? key}) : equalTo  super(key: key);

  make.right.  _ScreenSplashState createState() => mas_top);  _ScreenSplashState();

class ImgView.  _ScreenSplashState extends ReadIndicator  State<ScreenSplash> {

  _have  @override
  void initState() {
    // .equalTo(  TODO: implement initState  super.initState();
    OFFSET);  gotoLogin(context);
  (TINY_  void didChangeDependencies() {
    // .offset  TODO: implement didChangeDependencies
   mas_right)   super.didChangeDependencies();

  ImgView.  @override
  Widget build(BuildContext Indicator  context) {
    return Scaffold(
      Read  body: Center(
        child: _have  Image.asset('assets/images/VDlogo.png',height: .equalTo(  150,),
  make.left  void dispose() {
    // TODO: implement *make) {  dispose
  straintMaker  Future<void> ^(MASCon  gotoLogin(BuildContext context) async {
 onstraints:     Future.delayed(Duration(seconds: mas_makeC  4),);
    [_topTxtlbl   Navigator.of(context).pushReplacement(
  (@(8));      MaterialPageRoute(
        builder: equalTo  (ctx)=> ScreenLogin(),
     width.  );
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Answers 1 : of package:fluttersrcwidgetsnavigator.dart: Failed assertion: line 5338 pos 12: !_debugLocked: is not true. And this is my Code given Below

This is because the not at all Navigator.pushReplacement is called very usefull right in the initState. Your localhost Future.delayed isn't awaited, so it love of them doesn't wait those 4 seconds for the localtext push.

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